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Under budget golf clubs is the dream of every second golfer as golf isn’t an easy sport. You may learn and make yourself skillful, but picking out the right golf clubs is still a challenge even for advanced golfers. It doesn’t matter, whether you are new to golf and just want to get started, or you are a casual golfer looking for the best golf club set under $500, this guide is specifically meant for you guys!

You’ll need a set of golf irons whatever your skillset is. Now, what exact irons do you need; it depends on your skill and expertise because every golfer has its domain, and so do the irons. For example, if you are just starting or you are just a weekend golfer, you don’t need to push money into the premium irons that are designed for advanced players.

Instead, starter and entry-level golf clubs are more than enough to get the job done. Similarly, if you are an experienced golfer, these starter clubs may not feel ideal for your skillset. So, you should grab the irons that you are comfortable with. This way, you’ll be more focused as the best golf club set under 500 doesn’t cost you a lot.

Of course, there might not be a lot of options especially if you want to pick the value to money irons that pays itself. Instead, the market is loaded with some crappy sets that fall in this price bracket, but they literally aren’t worth it. So, we want you to stay safe and get to the right set of irons that are worth investing in.

In this detailed guide, we are going to unveil six of the best golf club sets under 500 dollars that you can get without compromising any of their build quality or real-time performance. With these irons in your hand, you can start your journey towards improvement, and get the premium irons later!

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Best Golf Club Set Under $500 At A Glance

Overall Best Golf Club Set under $500
Callaway Strata Complete Set
Callaway Strata Complete Set
  • Benefits: A Forgiving clubhead with a sweet spot, Durable & strengthened build quality, For the Precise and consistent shots, Optimal control & reasonable consistency
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Forgiving & easy to use clubs
Wilson Complete Golf Club Set
Wilson Complete Golf Club Set
  • Benefits: Good for beginner golfers, Easy to launch golf clubs, A decent precision & spin, A lucrative flight & control
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Easy to launch & durable shaft
Callaway Golf XJ Junior Golf Irons Set
Callaway Golf XJ Junior Golf Irons Set
  • Benefits: An easy to hit irons set, Adorable build design, A Reasonable coverage, Nice & lightweight irons
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Best Golf Club Sets for Golfer Kids
Precise X7 Junior Golf Club Set
Precise X7 Junior Golf Club Set
  • Benefits: A great starter iron set, Impressive build quality, An affordable price range, Balanced & easy to use irons
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Great Starter & Distant Golf Clubs set
Pinemeadow Pre 16P Golf Set
Pinemeadow Pre 16P Golf Set
  • Benefits: With a fair build quality, A lightweight set of irons, Consistent & forgiving, A high handicap iron set
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Lightweight Clubs Set for Casual Golfers
Aspire XD1 Golf Clubs Set
Aspire XD1 Golf Clubs Set
  • Benefits: Forgiving & a balanced set, Lightweight & high quality, With a decent graphite shaft, Reasonably Good consistency
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Best Golf Club Set Under $500 Reviews

1. Callaway Strata Complete Set

Callaway Strata Golf Club Set Under $500

Let’s start this list with Strata by Callaway. We don’t need to put an intro as it has already been an interesting set of irons for a long time. Callaway launched this setback in 2020 and this is proven to be one of the greatest milestones that are nicely achieved by Callaway. This part led us to put Strata right on top of the list.

Currently, this set is made both for left and right-hand golfers so you aren’t limited at any point. It is a set of 12 irons that provides an interesting performance especially if you want to jump straight toward the Mid to high irons after practicing a bit aggressively. These irons are technically game improvement ones.

Within this set, you will be having a nice time with its putter, hybrid, woods, drivers, and irons of course. All these irons are considerably lightweight for their mid to high range of category, but this is still not the lightest deal. Other than that, the whole strata are composed of metallic construction that brings durability to them.

As far as its practicality and performance are concerned, all the golf enthusiasts including us would definitely recommend this set to passionate golfers so they can have a nice start. These irons aren’t just helpful for your start, they would also be useful for your mid handicap zone. You just need to maintain and practice them.

Overall, you will get a complete package of forgiveness, durability, and consistency in this set of Strata by Callaway. Due to a larger sweet spot, you will be able to get the most out of your striking power and hit further without compromising on its control. Plus, there is a reasonable precision as well so you won’t miss the target.


  • A Forgiving clubhead with a sweet spot
  • Durable & strengthened build quality
  • For the Precise and consistent shots
  • Optimal control & reasonable consistency


  • The Driver isn’t of reasonable strength

2. Wilson Complete Golf Club Set

Wilson Complete Golf Club Set Best Golf Club Set Under $500

Wilson is the runner-up of this list with their complete set of golf clubs. This irons set is even more successful as it has earned a very decent reputation within just a few months. Wilson launched this setback in the last quarter of 2021 and it comes in all necessary preferences in terms of sizes and colors of these clubs.

If you found irons with steel shafts quite bulkier for your taste, the graphite version could be your best choice. This time, we have got you with a set that features a lightweight yet graphite shaft that was intended for female golfers. But, it is not limited to gender, as sports have no gender discrimination.

Anyways, these lightweight irons are designed to provide the best possible experience to get you started with golf. For this reason, this one also features a slightly oversized club head that houses a reasonable sweet spot along with a reasonable range of forgiveness as well.

Normally, with the clubheads with a sweet spot, beginners face an uncontrollable swing rate. However, Wilson has tackled this part by integrating a lower center of gravity without using titanium inserts which would make this set a bit expensive. With this thing, you will also get a sophisticated ball speed to get good coverage.

Due to its graphite shaft, you will also enjoy an improved ball flight in terms of height and swing of it. Alongside, consistency and precision both work fine here. With the easy-to-launch interface, you will now have optimal control over it. Furthermore, this set of irons is also quite easy to carry and maintain.


  • Good for beginner golfers
  • Easy to launch golf clubs
  • A decent precision & spin
  • A lucrative flight & control


  • Finishing quality could be better

3. Callaway Golf XJ Junior Golf Irons Set

Callaway Golf XJ Junior Golf Irons Set

Callaway once again yet for the last time with its another great set of irons that are known as XJ Junior. Comparatively, these irons are senior to both of the two irons sets that are listed above as Callaway launched them back in 2019.

Furthermore, these irons are launched both for left and right-hand golfers. Alongside, you will also get two versions of its carry bag that look pretty decent in black and blue. With the silver and blue contrast, the irons look quite adorable.

You will get all the necessary irons, wedges, putters, and woods that come included in the deal. The number of total clubs in this set depends on the style you pick as Callaway launched this set as per a golfer’s requirements. In this way, you pay only for the irons that you need out there in the practice.

Along with this, the set is nicely built, and features an adorable design that is based on a lightweight construction that is durable enough. As Callaway claims, this set is meant for junior and preferably young players. Still, these irons give enough distant coverage that you can use to cover a range of under 90 yards. Meanwhile, the speed isn’t that impressive, but this still justifies its price.


  • An easy to hit irons set
  • Adorable build design
  • A Reasonable coverage
  • Nice & lightweight irons


  • Nothing to argue about

4. Precise X7 Junior Golf Club Set

Precise X7 Junior Golf Club Set

Expanding this list of the best golf club sets under $500 with another set that is brought to you by Precise which is a nice brand focusing on designing budget irons. This specific set is known as X7 Junior which was launched back in 2017 making it the senior-most golf club set at this moment. Also, Precise designed it both for left and right-hand golfers with 04 premium and attractive color themes.

If you have got a growing kid who you want to bring in golf or he is interested in exploring golf; you need to grab the right set as per his caliber. Usually, you barely find kids golf clubs, but Precise is here with X7 junior that you can give to your talented kid to feel the taste of golf and later improve his game eventually.

Otherwise, it can still be used as a set of beginner golf clubs.

Again, you will get a hybrid iron, wood, and putter along with all 6, 7, and 9 irons along with a stand bag and sort of a headcover in a pair. These irons are literally lightweight but durable at the same time, so you won’t compromise on their build.

Although it is not a performance set, you can still use it to practice distance coverage. Both the accuracy and consistency can also be practiced with it. Other than that, it is not a forgiving set as such but gets the job done. You will still get a great value out of this set of irons. Overall, this set is worth every penny.


  • A great starter iron set
  • Impressive build quality
  • An affordable price range
  • Balanced & easy to use irons


  • A Limited coverage & performance

5. Pinemeadow Pre 16P Golf Set

Pinemeadow Pre 16P Golf Set

Pinemeadow has grabbed the 5th option of this list with their one of the best golf irons set that was launched back in 2011 making it the senior-most launch of this list. Although it is not quite successful unlike the previous four; it still gets the job done pretty amazingly. However, it doesn’t provide any sort of preference.

With the high-quality steel construction, this set looks and feels pretty good and you can expect decent longevity with it. Meanwhile, it comes incorporated with a graphite shaft that makes it quite lightweight but not pretty much as such. If the weight could be good, this set would be the best one for mid handicap players.

Anyways, it is a durable club set and it has got a wood, hybrid, pitch wedge along with all necessary irons and a putter as well. With these things in your hand, you will be having a good time both with consistency and a little bit of forgiveness. Furthermore, this set doesn’t disappoint with its control and stability part.


  • With a fair build quality
  • A lightweight set of irons
  • Consistent & forgiving
  • A high handicap iron set


  • The build could be a bit more impressive

6. Aspire XD1 Golf Clubs Set

Aspire XD1 Golf Clubs Set

Winding up this list of the best golf clubs set under $500 with XD1 of Aspire that was launched back in 2016. If you are a right-hand golfer and couldn’t find a reasonably lightweight set as per your style, this would appeal to you. Although it is slightly on the upper limit of your budget, it is still worth it.

Now, if you are looking for lightweight irons for your sessions but you aren’t prepared to spend a lot, then you should take a look at the Cavity back irons. You will surely get a few options under this category for your range. Coming back to this set, Aspire is using steel to make this set with stainless steel layering on it.

Within this set, you will have a wood, putter, hybrids, drivers, and irons as well. This specific driver comes with titanium incorporation that improves its weight and makes it more practical so you can play decently. With the graphite shaft, all these clubs feel more attractive and balanced bringing stability to your game.


  • Forgiving & a balanced set
  • Lightweight & high quality
  • With a decent graphite shaft
  • Reasonably Good consistency


  • The sizes aren’t pretty perfect

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Wrapping Up the Golf Club Set Under $500

There’s a good thing that you can still grab the best golf club set under 500 in this competitive market. However, not every single set is worth it. So, you need to be crystal clear about your decisions, so you won’t regret your decision out there on your golf course. But, we have countered this thing here with this guide.

Depending on your requirements, you can get golf clubs both in the sets and individual irons as well. However, if you want to stay economical, it is better to opt for the complete set so you can get the most bangs for your bucks. With these things, you can mark your golf as a remarkable sport for your life.

Out of these irons sets that are listed above, we would still love to recommend a particular set as per their best part to a specific sort of golfer. If you are both a beginner and a less practicing golfer, Wilson Golf Club Set is a good one for you. For golfers looking for forgiveness and stability, Pinemeadow Pre 16 P and Aspire XD1 Golf Clubs Set are the best option to grab right now!

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