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Most people assume that golf is a luxury sport that is designed just for millionaires as golf equipment especially the irons aren’t cheap or budget-friendly. If you have ever been to a popular golf course, you will see golfers moving around with a couple of towels and shining irons in their hands that feel pretty premium. If you are a budget golfer, you would always want something under your budget.

Of course, there is some golf equipment that costs you a lot, but you aren’t required to grab that out unless you have a budget because it might not be a necessary thing for you. For your essential gears like irons, you need to start cheaper than possible and there are a few limited yet the Best Iron Set Under 300.

We know it is not easy to find but fear not! We are here to help you out. Most of the iron sets exceed the $500 tag easily, but we have done the research part to provide you with still the best options out there in the market. Although there would be several used irons out there, newer ones have a different taste.

So, without wasting any time, let’s dive into this exclusive list of the Best Iron Set Under 300 Dollars.

Best Iron Set Under 300 Dollars At A Glance

Overall Best Irons Set under $300
Callaway Strata Complete Set
Callaway Strata Complete Set
  • Benefits: Optimal control & stability, Forgiving & a higher launch, The Best entry-level irons set, More than enough sweet spot, Features a Strong build quality
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For higher & smooth launching
Lazrus Premium Golf Irons Set
Lazrus Premium Golf Irons Set
  • Benefits: An Exceptional build quality, Reasonably forgiving irons, Consistent & stunning irons, An Optimal launch experience
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The All-Rounder Irons Set
MAZEL Universal Golf Club Irons Set
MAZEL Universal Golf Club Irons Set
  • Benefits: Easy to play & maneuverable, Faster ball speed & lower CoG, With a Reasonable forgiveness, An Impressive build and design
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Best Beginner Budget Irons Set
Square Strike Golf Iron Set
Square Strike Golf Iron Set
  • Benefits: An Impressive consistency, Optimal launch & control, Gorgeous yet simple irons, A Reasonable forgiveness
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Simple & Easy To Play Irons
T11 Power Back Tall Iron Set
T11 Power Back Tall Iron Set
  • Benefits: Durable shaft with a comfortable grip, A lightweight hollow body construction, Added forgiveness with a higher launch, For the Consistent & straight deliveries
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Best Iron Set Under 300 | Our Best Picks & Reviews

1. Callaway Strata Complete Set

Callaway Strata Complete Set

Callaway is topping the list of the best irons set under 300 with its Strata series that is the best option for anyone to grab. Without Callaway’s Strata, this list would be incomplete. Callaway launched this set back in 2020 and you will get this in the blue and red carry bag and their irons also feature custom design on them.

Depending on the budget and requirements in your mind, you can choose either its graphite or steel version. The steel set is bulky but you will also get outstanding durability along with this thing. Graphite one is technically lightweight yet quite an easy-to-play variant of this entire set.

In these irons, you will get a slightly larger sweet spot so you will be utilizing every single inch of its forgiveness. With this thing, you will be playing every single shot. Of course, it wouldn’t be pretty precise in starting as you need to get used to this by practicing as much as you could.

Anyways, this comes incorporated with a titanium integration in its clubhead which is oversized considering its sweet spot. You will be expecting quite a higher launch with these irons and it would also provide you a decent distance coverage. The accuracy would be much better after some warm-ups.

Along with these things, you will be enjoying this set of irons pretty much. From the ball flight to its stability, everything is perfect, especially for its price. Also, these irons are not limited to any specific range of handicaps and you can adjust with this family as per your style. Overall, it is a great entry-level iron set for golfers.


  • Optimal control & stability
  • Forgiving & a higher launch
  • The Best entry-level irons set
  • More than enough sweet spot
  • Features a Strong build quality


  • Swing isn’t pretty decent here
  • Not ideal for aggressive golfers

2. Lazrus Premium Golf Irons Set | Best Iron Set Under 300

Lazrus Premium Golf Irons Set

Lazrus is succeeding the Callaway’s Strata with his budget and one of the best irons set currently on the market. This was launched back in 2019 and it went quite successful due to so many reasons. However, its pricing played a key role behind its success and golfers enjoyed playing with these irons across the nation.

Just like any other good brand, Lazrus is putting these irons both for left and right-hand golfers so you can pick the right match as per your playing style. Also, it provides you with a host of size options as well, which widens your preferences even more. Kudos to Lazrus for putting in so much effort that no one else does!

Anyways, these irons are designed in a way that would be ideal for both male and female golfers. With the incorporation of high carbon steel in its clubhead, you will get decent longevity as it has got a proven construction right out of the box. It is also recommended to any player, but it is not so lightweight.

As compared to Strata of Callaway golf, it gives a very decent consistency that would lead you to call them game improvement irons set. Along with this, it also gives a stunning launch experience along with a higher launch.

Besides all these things, you will also be getting reasonable forgiveness although it doesn’t come with a premium sweet spot unlike Strata by Callaway. Overall, this is a durable set of irons that are assembled on a lightweight steel shaft.


  • An Exceptional build quality
  • Reasonably forgiving irons
  • Consistent & stunning irons
  • An Optimal launch experience


  • Not meant for distant shots

3. MAZEL Universal Golf Club Irons Set

MAZEL Universal Golf Club Irons Set

MAZEL is right in the center of this list of the best iron sets under 300 with their most popular irons that were launched back in 2021 and feature a perfect weight to be very honest. It comes with all necessary bread and butter that doesn’t need to be explained here. Also, it comes in a silver texture specifically.

To provide better coverage, Mazel is using high-quality steel to compose this entire construction and it features a strengthened construction without any doubt. Depending upon your use case, the shine of these irons could vary from time to time. However, you can maintain it by cleaning the irons regularly.

On its steel shaft, you will get a nicely installed grip that makes you productive and you don’t need to sweat anymore with it. With these irons, you will get the best swing ratio that was missing both in Lazrus as well as in Strata. Mazel made their iron both for beginners & advanced golfers because it is reasonably easy to play.

You can expect a good distance coverage with these irons as it features a smooth yet higher launch experience. Now, the distance might still not exceed 100 yards, but this is still more than enough for golf irons of this price tag. Alongside, it has a lower center of gravity that lets you play and deliver faster ball speeds confidently.


  • Easy to play & maneuverable
  • Faster ball speed & lower CoG
  • With a Reasonable forgiveness
  • An Impressive build and design


  • Distance coverage isn’t premium

4. Square Strike Golf Iron Set | Best Iron Set Under 300

Square Strike Golf Iron Set

Square Strike irons that are brought to you by Autopilot that was launched back in 2017. This club family is available in the right variant and preferences. Here, you will get this set both for left and right-hand golfers with steel or graphite shafts incorporated in it. Also, all standard flexes are given in this complete irons set.

As per Autopilot’s claims, this set is a complete package of all factors that are required in an iron set. Anyways, this set features an amazing build quality along with an impressive design as well. Here, diamond black and silver color makes a perfect compliment. The clubhead is a bit oversized here, but it is worth it.

In this set, you will notice a slight offset in its overall weight that improves its striking power against a ball so it would travel far. So, distance coverage is now fixed with Autopilot’s these irons. You will get optimal control both over the ball as well as on the iron itself, so the ball can travel straight and consistently.

Plus, these irons feature a decent swing rate that would also improve your overall experience. For beginners, casuals and slightly advanced players, this irons set would work brilliantly. The smooth launching and its knocking sound will keep you confident and practicing would make you even better. So, it is a good deal for sure.


  • An Impressive consistency
  • Optimal launch & control
  • Gorgeous yet simple irons
  • A Reasonable forgiveness


  • Only meant for beginners

5. T11 Power Back Tall Iron Set

T11 Power Back Tall Iron Set

T11 is the last boy on this list of the best irons set under 300 bucks that were launched back in 2016 and Pacific Golf has designed them just in the right weight. At the moment, these irons are only available for right-hand golfers.

Now, if you were missing an added forgiveness with any of these irons that are mentioned above, T11 is going to take it over as it features the best forgiveness than anyone else currently on this list. You can expect a joyful and smooth launching experience with a good height in the air.

These irons are designed in a cavity back design which is ideal for beginners and casual golfers specifically. If you are just starting, this is a good match, honestly speaking. With this hollow body construction, you will find it pretty easy to use. Of course, you can’t play hard with these irons. Otherwise, they are gone!

Along with its forgiveness, it also has a prominent face that is sort of flexible. You will be experiencing higher and straight ball speed with these irons that could be straight and consistent depending upon the quality of shot you play. Overall, this irons set provides a lightweight design that would make you productive also.


  • Durable shaft with a comfortable grip
  • A lightweight hollow body construction
  • Added forgiveness with a higher launch
  • For the Consistent & straight deliveries


  • Distance isn’t pretty impressive here

Wrapping Up

Golf might be an expensive sport, but chilling out and enjoying it by learning Golf doesn’t cost you millions. If you are a new or just an occasional golfer, picking out an expensive set of iron can never be a wise choice as you will just play a couple of times a week and the irons will be back in the bag for a couple of months.

With the affordable set of irons in your hand, you don’t even need to break your bank. There would be a lot of low-quality irons selling under 300 tags, but you will later regret it. So to prevent this, we have covered the best Iron Set Under $300 here on this list that is worth spending every single penny.

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