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The mid handicap golfers make a major market share in the golf sport and they are also the most profitable golfers for various Golf gear brands. A mid handicapper tends to be an upgraded and transforming version of a newbie golfer, who always struggles or tries to hit perfectly!

In fact, every single golfer tries to hit as far as possible so he can feel the taste of the golf sport itself. The best mid to high handicap irons are actually designed for these guys. With these irons, one can easily strike better and with consistency which is the key to success in the golf sport.

For some sort of beginner guys, consistency is a pretty big deal as their hands aren’t settled down well with the clubs. Of course, they need to practice a lot. What you can do is to sort out your irons if you are still not improving. Because irons are the only weapon for any golfer to stand out there on the course.

Otherwise, golf would just be labor for them rather than a joy. Theory aside, there are a lot of benefits that you can get with the best mid to high handicap irons. We will be covering most of these aspects that will help you realize them in a better way. These clubs are right for you to make golf much easier as possible.

Things to Consider To Get The Best Mid To High Handicap Irons

First thing first, you need to make a checklist that you will be considered before having these irons in your golf gear backpack. The first thing you need to consider is the forgiveness part of your irons as these parts play a key role for mid to high handicappers. Because no one is going to hit straight to the hole in the start.

Forgiving irons feature a delightful sweet spot at the clubhead of your irons, which is some sort of clearance for newbies. This will eventually lead you to hit straighter and straighter which is the actual purpose of any game improvement irons.

Consistency should be your next consideration while picking any set of irons. A consistent golfer tends to deal with every strike efficiently. For this, you need a great posture and it comes from the shaft that your iron has got. Graphite shafts are good for improvement, but we prefer steel shafts due to their durability.

After all these things, you will be having an optimal launching experience that is going to enjoy the golf pretty much. Also, it will improve consistency due to added forgiveness and optimal club-head play a decisive role. With all these things, you will get an ultimate game improvement high to mid handicap irons!

Best Mid To High Handicap Irons At A Glance

Overall Best Mid to High Handicap Irons
TaylorMade SIM MAX Irons
TaylorMade SIM MAX Irons
  • Benefits: An Exceptional build quality, Forgiving & thin clubhead, The Delightful consistency, A very minimal sidespina, The Decent distance & speed
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The Ultimate forgiving irons
Callaway Golf Apex DCB Iron Set
Callaway Golf Apex DCB Iron Set
  • Benefits: The best forgiving irons, For an Optimal launch, Lightweight & maneuverable, Best for beginners & casuals, With an excellent sound & feel
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Smooth Launching & Consistency
Cobra Golf Speedzone Iron Set
Cobra Golf Speedzone Iron Set
  • Benefits: Consistent & smooth launch, The Reasonable forgiveness, Lightweight yet durable clubs, Features an improved ball speed, Provides a Longer carry distance
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A Durable Build Quality
Mizuno JPX921 Hot Metal Iron Set
Mizuno JPX921 Hot Metal Iron Set
  • Benefits: A Better sound and feel, Forgiving and a good flight, The Maneuverable golf clubs, Performing yet lightweight, Consistent and distant golf irons
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The Budget King
Callaway Golf Mavrik Max Iron
Callaway Golf Mavrik Max Iron
  • Benefits: Forgiving and easy to control, Maneuverable yet lightweight, Gives a Good feel and sound, Comes for an attractive price, With a consistent ball speed
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Best Mid To High Handicap Irons | Our Best Picks & Review

1. TaylorMade SIM MAX Irons

TaylorMade SIM MAX Irons Best Mid To High Handicap Irons

So, TaylorMade is the greatest option for this list and we have captured you with their flagship SIM Max irons that don’t need to be praised as such. TaylorMade launched this family back in 2020 and it comes in a package of 9 pounds of weight. Moreover, TM has launched this fleet just in single color and for both hand usage.

TaylorMade introduces Speed Bridge for the very first time in these irons that plays a key role in optimizing your productivity. It helps in supporting the topline of the clubhead that later provides a slightly improved forgiveness and distant coverage. This reflects in its performance and it also gives a cool knocking sound.

Along with the Speed Bridge, TaylorMade also integrates their flagship Speed pocket which is technically responsible for optimizing the clubhead. This optimization makes it sort of flexible and also provides a good ball speed out there. Further, forgiveness makes all these clubs pretty fruitful.

With the PI Cone, the clubhead now features quite an ultra-thin face that makes it durable and lightweight both at the same time. Due to its incorporation of an optimal sweet spot, this club now provides a meaningful ball flight experience. Not only does it improve ball flight, but it also enhances its consistency and precision.

TaylorMade ensures its availability especially for steel and graphite shafts that widen your preferences. The graphite shaft is lighter than steel, while steel provides a good vibration resistance even though both come with echo Damping as well. Of course, it provides you with a reasonable feeling that makes you much happier.


  • An Exceptional build quality
  • Forgiving & thin clubhead
  • The Delightful consistency
  • A very minimal sidespina 
  • The Decent distance & speed


  • The profile could be more optimized

2. Callaway Golf Apex DCB Iron Set

Callaway Golf Apex DCB Iron Set Best Mid To High Handicap Irons

Callaway succeeded our best pick for today’s list with their most impressive DCB irons set from the Apex series. These guys were launched back in 2021 which is the latest version by Callaway. However, it was first launched a few years ago. As compared to TM’s Sim Max set, these clubs are lightweight out of the box.

These irons are officially designed for golfers with new tastes and hands in the sport. With these irons, you will nicely kick start your golf journey due to its exceptional feel, performance, and its pricing as a whole set of irons.

Being a cavity back iron, it features a lightweight structure which is a good choice for beginners to get started as these irons are easy to control and quite maneuverable. However, you will be getting a little taste just like forged clubs in your hands. Of course, they are performing well considering their decent profile.

Apex DCB is considered one of the most forgiving irons in the market and you will love this family. Depending upon your budget and requirements, you can choose these irons from their individual or set of irons.

DCB originally means Deep Cavity Back that refers to its nicely engineered sole which is incorporated in its clubhead. You will be having a reasonably best and optimal launching experience which is also newbies friendly. Just like any other good brand, Callaway is also promising both Graphite and Steel shafts.

With these clubs in your hands, you will be getting an ultimate package of forgiveness which is an ideal requirement for any mid to high handicap golfer. These irons provide exceptional performance and a sophisticated feel as well.


  • The best forgiving irons
  • For an Optimal launch
  • Lightweight & maneuverable
  • Best for beginners & casuals
  • With an excellent sound & feel


  • Has a lower spin rate

3. Cobra Golf Speedzone Iron Set | Best Mid To High Handicap Irons

Cobra Golf Speedzone Iron Set Best Mid To High Handicap Irons

Cobra is in the game with their flagship irons set that belongs to the Speedzone series. These irons were launched back in 2020 and you will get an overall weight of around 08 weights which is almost equivalent to the TaylorMade Sim Max irons set. Cobra hasn’t launched any sort of latest version of this model.

Anyways, the first thing you see in these irons is its Carbon Topline. These are inserted in its clubhead which makes it considerably lightweight when compared to steel inserts. So, it is a nice move by Cobra to make it beginner-friendly. Furthermore, you will be enjoying its sophisticated ball speed.

Cobra has tried its best to pack some stability in these irons, so they won’t cause any problem when dealing with speedy shots. For this reason, they have incorporated a toe weight which specifically lowers the overall center of gravity. This caused these irons to play outstanding as compared to several other golf clubs.

Along with this, PowerShell incorporation by Cobra is now making these irons to provide an enhanced ball speed considering the size of its club head. You will be enjoying its reasonable sweet spot that features attractive forgiveness even though it could be much better. This PowerShell improves the launching experience.

These things make a great deal by providing consistent coverage as consistency matters a lot when striking the ball for your target. With this combo of consistency and launching, you will be able to strike far and higher in the air without compromising anything else. So, it is a complete package for mid & high handicap.


  • Consistent & smooth launch
  • The Reasonable forgiveness
  • Lightweight yet durable clubs
  • Features an improved ball speed
  • Provides a Longer carry distance


  • Spin rates aren’t pretty higher

4. Mizuno JPX921 Hot Metal Iron Set

Mizuno JPX921 Hot Metal Iron Set Best Mid To High Handicap Irons

Mizuno has taken over Cobra with their flagship and one of the expensive irons set known as JPX 921 hot metal. This family was launched back in 2020 by Mizuno and it features a weight of up to 09 pounds and it consists of 07 irons in total. JPX921 is only available in silver color so you don’t need to mess with colors at all.

Now, Mizuno is using a random material known as Chromoly. Due to this thing, the entire set feels comparatively bulkier but it is still quite easy to handle. The shaft doesn’t weigh as such, but its clubhead is heavier than the others. Now, it doesn’t just weigh more, it also features enhanced durability.

With the Harmonic Impact, this irons set provides a meaningful impact and a sophisticated feel that improves your overall experience with this family. Likewise, it also comes with a stable frame that provides a decent launch and stability. You no longer get vibration or anything else that would cause you to miss the target.

Being a Mizuno irons family, Mizuno also integrates a 360 face cup which is responsible for handling and maximizing the ball speed. When these things are controlled, you will be experiencing more luxury, consistency & distant coverage.

Overall, all these irons are more than enough to help you improve your game as well as provide a decent playing experience. With its forgiveness and stability, you now will be playing consistent and straight shots after practicing wisely.


  • A Better sound and feel
  • Forgiving and a good flight
  • The Maneuverable golf clubs
  • Performing yet lightweight
  • Consistent  and distant golf irons


  • Slightly hard to maintain
  • A little bit expensive deal

5. Callaway Golf Mavrik Max Iron

Callaway Golf Mavrik Max Iron

Let’s wind up this list of the best Mid to high handicap irons with Callaway Mavrik Max which is undoubtedly the exceptional iron in the town. Callaway launched this individual iron back in 2020 and it is considered as one of the best clubs by Callaway. Moreover, this guy weighs almost a pound which is quite interesting.

This individual iron is offered in both left and right options where you will get a graphite and steel version shaft as well. Of course, you will get all necessary and standard flexes so you won’t have to suffer later on this part. Anyways, these irons are made after Artificial Intelligence incorporation by Callaway.

Considering its price, this guy features a reasonable face design that provides an attractive look as well as performance. Here, the loft of its clubhead also matters, but you will be having a reasonable ball speed along with a more than enough spin. It also improves the precision at the same time.

Meanwhile, this guy provides a smooth and optimal launch experience that reflects in their flight. Along with precision, forgiveness, and added consistency, Callaway Mavrik Max performs pretty outstandingly as it was supposed to be. We will surely recommend this if you are looking for an individual & budget golf club.


  • Forgiving and easy to control
  • Maneuverable yet lightweight
  • Gives a Good feel and sound
  • Comes for an attractive price
  • With a consistent ball speed


  • Distance coverage isn’t up to mark

Best Mid To High Handicap Irons | Frequently Asked Questions

Are these irons best for mid to high handicappers?

These irons could be the best deal for golfers with a handicap range of 11 to 20. Golfers of this range are more likely to get practically improved by using these irons. With the right balancing and forgiving clubhead along with frequent practicing, you will surely find yourself improving out there on the golf course.

Do these irons feature speed and distant coverage?

These are ultimately game improvement handles that come packed with several options to help you improve. With any of the above listed irons, you are likely to get a sophisticated range of hitting up to 175 yards with the right ball and shot. Moreover, they are forgiving and feature a pretty strengthened structure.

Wrapping Up the Best Mid To High Handicap Irons

If you want to play and improve your golf skills, then you should play irons that are exclusively meant for your game. A high handicapper playing with low handicap golfers would never make him an improving golfer. Instead, it’s just liability and nothing else. Mid to high handicap irons are some of the best options to start.

In these irons, you get optimal forgiveness which is the need of every mid to high handicap golfer. The best part of these ions is, you don’t specifically need to upgrade your irons when you transform yourself from a high to mid handicap golfer. So, these irons help you improve significantly and also save some bucks.

Later on, you will be getting a maneuverable feel, a consistent and smooth launching experience along a sophisticated shaft. Out of these options, you should pick Callaway Apex DCB Iron Set for forgiveness, Cobra Golf Speedzone Iron Set for consistency, and Callaway Golf Mavrik Max Iron if budget is your only concern.

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