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A passionate golfer has to suffer and face a lot of things throughout his career which has the ultimate goal of getting into the one digit handicap zone aka low handicappers. With this goal in mind, one needs to practice dedicatedly and also needs a specific set of gear at the same time.

This may not be a really big deal for beginners or casual golfers, but Golf is the lifeline of any golfer in the world especially when it comes to mid handicappers. The most interesting (sometimes painful) part is upgrading their equipment. He is always interested in getting the best forged irons for mid handicappers because these clubs could be life-changing for some golfers out there.

Forged irons are the most appealing ones in the market that golfers usually look at weekends in professional hands. Of course, you need to be of a matching skill set so that you can get the most out of it. Otherwise, it would be just a liability. Whatever is the case, we are assuming you have the right skill set for forged irons.

For this reason, our editorial team decided to make a detailed guide regarding the best forged irons for the mid handicappers to enhance their game. As forged irons can give you several advantages regardless of your handicap, we decided to keep this guide descriptive yet straight to the point so you can meet your ideal club.

Best Forged Irons for Mid Handicappers At A Glance

Overall Best Forged Irons Set for Mid Handicappers
Callaway Apex Iron Set
Callaway Apex Iron Set
  • Benefits: The forgiving forged irons, For an Outstanding launch, Decisive ball speed & control, Reasonable spin & robustness
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Consistent and Premium Forged Irons Set
TaylorMade P760 Iron Set
TaylorMade P760 Iron Set
  • Benefits: Soft & a Premium iron set, Precise & speedy strikings, An Impressive consistency, With a Perfect flex & shaft
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Traditional Game Improvement Iron Set
Wilson Staff D7 Forged Golf Iron Set
Wilson Staff D7 Forged Golf Iron Set
  • Benefits: Budget game improvement irons, An optimized yet smooth launch, The best Forgiving forged iron set, Improved coverage and speed
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For an optimum launch experience
Cobra Golf Radspeed Iron Set
Cobra Golf Radspeed Iron Set
  • Benefits: Stable & maneuverable irons, The Cheapest Forged irons, An Amazing ball speed & spin, Performing & game improving
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Forged Iron Set for aggressive players
TaylorMade P770 Iron Set
TaylorMade P770 Iron Set
  • Benefits: Precise and distant irons, Optimally Smooth launch, Best set for aggressive players, A Decent spin & robustness
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Our Best Picks & Review

1. Callaway Apex Iron Set

Callaway Apex Iron Set Best Forged Irons for Mid Handicappers

Callaway is deserving of this premium spot on our list with their premium irons set known as Apex! This family was launched back at the start of 2021 and features an amazing weight that makes them appealing even more. You can choose from its left and right hand orientations as per your taste and choice.

Being a Callaway’s product, this series officially comes in just a single color of an attractive silver scheme that makes them pretty adorable. Callaway uses artificial intelligence to make these irons so they could be performing even more. You might not get right at this moment, as this reflects while launching and spinning.

With the strengthened and decisively forged core, all these irons feature delightful durability without any doubt. This not just enhances its longevity but also improves ball speed along with several other factors. With the rightly pointed strike, these irons will bring a solid controllable spin right to the target.

Your skillset always plays a role in this situation as nothing is going to work without an incompetent skill. Anyways, these are distant irons designed to achieve the target at an impressive yard range. Of course, both precision and consistency are up to mark and it never lets you disappoint at any point.

Nonetheless, its clubhead feels a bit heavier sometimes, but it makes your entire game. The center of gravity isn’t offset, but it still provides a meaningful launch experience to enhance your overall experience. Plus, forgiveness also plays a crucial part in making things impressive and straight near to the hole.


  • The forgiving forged irons
  • For an Outstanding launch
  • Decisive ball speed & control
  • Reasonable spin & robustness


  • Slightly an expensive iron set!

2. TaylorMade P760 Iron Set | Best Forged Irons

TaylorMade P760 Iron Set Best Forged Irons for Mid Handicappers

The second best forged improvement iron for mid handicappers belongs to TaylorMade that was launched back in 2018 with almost the same weight as Callaway Apex. With its impressively polished grey color, these irons look so hot, and holding them will be a joyful experience honestly speaking.

These irons are meant for golfers who already have a consistent game but now want to improve their game even more along with good cash in hand. If this is the case, let’s dive deeper otherwise Cobra Radspeed Iron Set is going to be possibly the best deal considering a limited budget.

Anyways, let us start with its profile. TaylorMade uses the precision forging method to form out these irons and this is where most of the money goes. With the single-piece forging, the specimen iron comes in a very strong build that could last even for a long time. Other than that, its steel layering makes it rustless.

This iron set consists of all necessary 03 to 07-irons and all these boys come with TaylorMade’s speed foam incorporation. It helps you provide a reasonable range of improvement by getting used to it. So, your real-time performance would emerge brilliantly and make you feel confident regardless of your skill level.

If you have a nice hitting posture, these irons will give a premium consistency, launching, and clicking experience. Due to its exceptional build quality, striking with them provides a satisfying knocking sound. The steel incorporation makes it hit with speed and precision. Of course, it would require reasonable practice!


  • Soft & a Premium iron set
  • Precise & speedy strikings
  • An Impressive consistency
  • With a Perfect flex & shaft


  • Forgiveness isn’t classical here!

3. Wilson Staff D7 Forged Golf Iron Set

Wilson Staff D7 Forged Golf Iron Set Best Forged Irons for Mid Handicappers

Wilson broke the game for the first and last time with their exclusively forged D7 irons set. These irons were launched back in 2019 and they are slightly bulkier irons as compared to the rest of the twos we reviewed above. If you were looking for an economical game improvement iron set, Wilson has done the job nicely!

As usual, these irons are also listed in both left and right-handers that you can choose from as per your taste. Theory aside and diving towards its design or performance that will make or break your deal. Of course, these irons are designed just for game improvement rather than full-term or expert irons.

With the righteously forged body, these irons give an ultimately beautiful feel along with reasonable durability. Wilson calls it a Power Hole technology which has also been patented. With this thing, Wilson now provides a compact clubhead rather than an oversized one to take control of consistency along with weight.

It does not just lower the weight, it also increases the top line that would reflect in the spin. With these optimized clubheads, you will be enjoying reasonably fastball speed. This later provides an ultimate coverage that also improves your playability.

The performance has also been optimized with its incredibly efficient sweet spot that is loaded with maneuverable forgiveness. Considering its price, these irons feature superior forgiveness that never distracts your target in case of vibration. Anyways, its steel shaft brilliantly handles vibration to provide an optimized launch.


  • Budget game improvement irons
  • An optimized yet smooth launch
  • The best Forgiving forged iron set
  • Improved coverage and speed


  • Consistency & speed still could be improved

4. Cobra Golf Radspeed Iron Set | Best Forged Irons

Cobra Golf Radspeed Iron Set Best Forged Irons for Mid Handicappers

Cobra broke the monopoly of Callaway and TaylorMade with some of the best irons in the market that came in the market back in 2020. If you were looking for a lightweight, cheapest, and game improvement forged irons, Cobra’s Radspeed is the right match for you with already customized preferences.

In contrast to Callaway’s Artificial Intelligence, TaylorMade’s precision forging, and Wilson’s Power hole technology, Cobra grabs a share with their Powershell design. In this set, Powershell is being incorporated with their 3D printing to enhance them even more. It helps in providing a complex yet sleek design structure.

Though the core structure of these irons is made up of high carbon steel, Cobra still integrates layering of stainless steel on top of it. This stainless steel protects their shaft and whole clubhead from rusting and atmospheric situations. By controlling these things, you will surely be getting pretty nice longevity.

Meanwhile, Cobra uses their “Radical Weightage technology” which is technically responsible for making them lightweight. Believe us or not, this part is extremely satisfying as Radspeed comes in a lightweight sustainable design. With its incorporation, the overall performance has changed pretty much.

This set also comes with forgiveness, but it isn’t as luxurious as Wilson’s D7. Anyways, it still does the job amazingly. If you are a consistent and low-mid handicap golfer, these irons are still going to work for you. The ball speed along with spin also makes them quite maneuverable as per your taste.


  • Stable & maneuverable irons
  • The Cheapest Forged irons
  • An Amazing ball speed & spin
  • Performing & game improving


  • The forgiveness is a bit limited

5. TaylorMade P770 Iron Set

TaylorMade P770 Iron Set Best Forged Irons for Mid Handicappers

TaylorMade P770 is the last boy on the list of best mid handicap forged irons that was launched back in 2020. This family comes in a weight of up to 08 pounds which is still not bad for being a mid handicapper irons set. TaylorMade makes decent irons and their prices tend to be on the upper side!

TaylorMade officially incorporates a forged hollow body in its construction that makes them comparatively lightweight but not too much. Due to the addition of carbon steel, these irons feel a bit bulkier but it is totally fine with this range. It is a compact clubhead that is pretty easy to use as compared to oversized ones.

Taylormade designs these irons forgiving and distant ones as usual so you won’t regret it. Speed Foam does work fine and you will be noticing a reasonable ball speed with this overall set. Moreover, you will get a maneuverable feel here. The forgiveness and ball spin both can be found in a great range.

As compared to Radspeed of Cobra, these irons provide a solid precision along with a sophisticated launch. Now, the precision depends on the coverage you want and your skills. Anyways, you will never feel lacking with this set!


  • Precise and distant irons
  • Optimally Smooth launch
  • Best set for aggressive players
  • A Decent spin & robustness


  • An expensive set of irons

Frequently Asked Questions

Are Forged Irons any good?

Forged irons are good for a lot of golfers, but they might not be the best ones for everyone out there on the golf course. With the right skill set and right time, you should pick forged irons to get a brilliant performance. If it is your first time with forged irons, it is better to practice them as much as you can.

Are Forged irons best for Mid Handicappers?

To be honest, it all depends on you! However, forged irons are recommendable for Mid handicappers undoubtedly but again, you need to find it out as per your caliber. These irons are best for any mid handicapper if he can hit the ball consistently and with the right launch.
Forged irons once were pretty difficult to play with and that was the time when the perception of forged irons are specifically for professionals took its roots. However, with the innovation in design, these irons can now be useful for mid handicappers. Moreover, they are now equipped with forgiveness & smoothness.

Wrapping Up

The best Forged irons for Mid Handicappers could be very fascinating & appealing but finding them out isn’t so easy! These are the irons that every golfer has dreams to get regardless of their expertise and handicap score. The scope of the game you get with these irons isn’t easily achievable with the cavity back irons.

If used and practiced upstanding, these irons could provide a lot of advantages. Though forged irons are slightly expensive, the quality of spin, robustness, exceptional speed and enhanced coverage couldn’t be matched with any guy. These irons are made pretty differently as compared to the cavity ones.

You will get a surprisingly awesome feel and control with the above mentioned forged irons for mid handicappers. The forgiveness could also be unbeatable and their reasonable sweet spot makes them target oriented for distant shots. With these choices in your hands, you now can choose the best forged irons for golf.

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