14 Best High Handicap Golf Irons For Beginners in 2022

Golf isn’t an easy sport to play although it is rewarding and fascinating. It could become worse if you opt for the wrong clubs and inexact irons more specifically. Because Handicap Golf irons are responsible for making or breaking your sessions out there!

Without the best tools, an engineer isn’t going to earn rewards and finish his tasks. For that; he must get the right tools so that he will start getting precision. Almost the same goes for golfers with high handicaps.

Now, if you are playing golf for a while; you would be quite progressive. But, it is not the case for beginners especially if you are playing it for the very first time. For that; you are required to have the right tools to practice & get started. To help you out in a better way, this guide of Best High Handicap Golf Irons is meant for you.

Now; if you are informative enough to understand the terminologies you will surely improve fastly. But, you need to have some knowledge about the basics such as Handicaps as we mentioned above.

A handicap is a grading system that shows the average number of striking a golfer has. To put things in layman’s terms, a handicap is used to elaborate a Golfer’s skill level by getting an average of the strikes he made over a couple of sessions. Golfers with a higher handicap are beginners and they must improve this out.

This could be done by making your strokes stable, consistent and you would also require a lot of forgiveness to master it. Without these things; you will have a hard time as a Golfer. Though you need some theory classes with your coach out there, choosing the Best High Handicap Golf Irons is still inevitable.

Our Top 3 Picks of Best High Handicap Golf Irons

Callaway Golf Mavrik Max Iron
Callaway Golf Mavrik Max Iron
  • Material: Graphite
  • Hand Orientation: Right
  • Shaft Material: Steel
  • Brand: Graphite
TaylorMade SIM MAX Irons
TaylorMade SIM MAX Irons
  • Material: Other
  • Hand Orientation: Right
  • Shaft Material: Steel
  • Brand: TaylorMade
Callaway Golf Individual Apex Iron
Callaway Golf Individual Apex Iron
  • Material: Other
  • Hand Orientation: Right
  • Shaft Material: Steel
  • Brand: Callaway

Best High Handicap Golf Irons At A Glance

Overall Best
Callaway Golf Mavrik Max Iron
Callaway Golf Mavrik Max Iron
  • Benefits: Features a comfortable grip, Flash Face Cup Technology, Impressive spinning & loft, Optimum launch & delivery, Good even for mid-handicap
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Best Graphite
TaylorMade SIM MAX Irons
TaylorMade SIM MAX Irons
  • Benefits: Best deal for casual golfers, Good distance & forgiveness, A Durable & Steel build shaft, Delivers quite Precise shots, Balanced & Responsive irons
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MAZEL Golf Individual Men 7 Iron
MAZEL Golf Individual Men 7 Iron
  • Benefits: An Improved Rubber Grip, Impressive launch delivery, A Good forgiving & accuracy, Budget deal for casual golfers, The 07 iron is pretty responsive
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Optimal Forgiveness
Callaway Big Bertha B21 Single Iron
Callaway Big Bertha B21 Single Iron
  • Benefits: Responsive & precise shots, Improved & easy launches, Features fast speed delivery, A Durable & steel Golf Iron, Higher offset & decent spins
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Best Budget
Callaway Golf Individual Apex Iron
Callaway Golf Individual Apex Iron
  • Benefits: Optimized & standard loft, An Admirable Sweet spot, Forged high handicap iron, Excellent launch & precision, Elevated head for forgiveness
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Best for Newbies
Cleveland Golf Launcher Turbo Wedge
Cleveland Golf Launcher Turbo Wedge
  • Benefits: The Responsive launcher, For stable & Faster shots, Best one for short shots, An ideal match for newbies, For a better consistency
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The Hybrid Iron
Cleveland Golf Launcher UHX Utility Club
Cleveland Golf Launcher UHX Utility Club
  • Benefits: Works at inconsistent shots, A sophisticated forgiveness, Conveys stable & speedy shot, A Comfortable graphite shaft, Pretty promising accuracy
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For better spinning
Mizuno Golf JPX921 Wedge Series
Mizuno Golf JPX921 Wedge Series
  • Benefits: A Stainless Steel Shaft, Incredibly smooth iron, A Responsive coverage, Delivers Optimistic spin, With an impressive grip
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The lowest Loft
Wilson Staff Utility Men’s Golf Irons
Wilson Staff Utility Men’s Golf Irons
  • Benefits: An easy to use Golf Iron, A Bulky & compact feel, Reasonable forgiveness, Optimized launch angles, Durable & targeted head
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Compact Golf Iron
Srixon Golf- ZX Utility Iron
Srixon Golf- ZX Utility Iron
  • Benefits: With a forged clubhead, An Added forgiveness, A Smooth & high launch, Lower center of gravity, An adorable golf iron
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Callaway Golf Men’s
Callaway Golf Men’s Strata Set
Callaway Golf Men’s Strata Set
  • Benefits: Accurate and straight irons, A Good distance and speed, Forgiving & oversized clubhead, For a pretty reasonable price
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Wilson Men’s Ultra Plus
Wilson Men’s Ultra Plus Golf Club Sets
Wilson Men’s Ultra Plus Golf Club Sets
  • Benefits: Lightweight and stable clubs, Straight and precise strikes, Impressive distance coverage, Sturdy golf clubs for beginnersGives enough ball flight
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Men’s Profile Platinum
Wilson Men’s Profile Platinum Golf Club Set
Wilson Men’s Profile Platinum Golf Club Set
  • Benefits: An improved ball flight, Stable and precise clubs, An exceptional build quality, Aligned and lightweight clubs
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Aspire XD1 Men’s
Aspire XD1 Men’s Complete Golf Clubs
Aspire XD1 Men’s Complete Golf Clubs
  • Benefits: Precise and forgiving clubs, Maneuverable golf club set, Balanced & easy to use irons, Durable and good distance
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14 Best High Handicap Golf Irons | Our Best Picks & Review

1. Callaway Golf Mavrik Max Iron

Callaway Golf Mavrik Max Iron Best High Handicap Golf Irons

Let’s get started with Callaway’s golf iron which is a launch of 2019. This iron is the lightest one on this entire list and it is going to be pretty balanced in your hands. Callaway has launched this guy for both hands & you can select as per your style. Further, you get all standard flex along with a lot of configurations as well.

To help you out on the course, Callaway ensures the availability of different lofts on almost any land. As a beginner golfer with a higher handicap, you should opt for 5 or 7 iron at most out there from its configurations.

Callaway is using Artificial intelligence for the very first time in these irons. This iron has got a pretty impressive clubhead that ensures sophisticated ball speed upon hitting. You, being a beginner, may not need this speed; but this would be ideal even if you transform towards high to mid handicaps without replacing it.

Along with the speed, Callaway also takes care of its deliverance, accuracy, and its flight. Most high handicap golf iron sucks when it comes to accuracy, but Callaway knows how to tackle it as it has already been done.

The iron features tungsten-infused balancing that optimizes the pick of the ball without losing speed and getting the highest possible precision in the air. Of course, your skill also matters here but you can master this over time.

Moving forward and you will notice its loft angles & spinning quite sophisticated even in the air. This determines its deliverance and the effort put by Callaway into it. Thanks to its Flash Face Cup Technology to make it possible.

Depending upon the iron you pick, the loft, swing, and length could vary. For its loft, the least you could get is 18°, and higher it could reach up to 54° up in the air. However, the lesser it will be; the further the ball will go with an enhanced speed.


  • Features a comfortable grip
  • Flash Face Cup Technology
  • Impressive spinning & loft
  • Optimum launch & delivery
  • Good even for mid-handicap


  • Forgiveness could be a bit more

2. TaylorMade SIM MAX Irons | Best High Handicap Golf Irons

TaylorMade SIM MAX Irons Best High Handicap Golf Irons

TaylorMade is going to be the runner-up of this list with his SIM Max irons bundle. This is the only iron bundle here and they are considered a bit bulky due to the steel shaft. TaylorMade launched them back in 2019 and you will get every sort of flex as they are unisex that are perfect for both female and male golfers.

TaylorMade is so proud of its Speed Bridge technology as this bundle features the same technology. It is well-designed and ensures more than average forgiveness that you will get in all of these irons under this package.

Upon playing a tee stroke, you will get a satisfying sound that you will be loving. Due to a balanced loft, the deliveries become strategic as well as pretty soft. Further, it is designed to take your ball further responsively without spinning a lot.

The offset is quite considerable in all of these irons and it also contributes to striking nicely. It features a reasonable neck that is encrypted with steel and helps you to create a better arc for responsive delivery.

To provide you convenient practice and to get the most out of its sweet spots, TaylorMade features Progressive Inverted Cone Technology. With this thing, the ball mostly hits its groove rather than its toe to minimize spinning.

Though the iron doesn’t get a forged body itself, TaylorMade is trying to give the same effect. With its Echo Damping System, the iron doesn’t produce a host of vibrations, even at distant shots. This has also been done with a lot of precision.

Additionally; TaylorMade has modified its existing design pretty much. It holds a thinner design that provides you with enhanced speed. Not just that, it also results in impressive forgiveness to feel the joy of Golf out there on the course.


  • Best deal for casual golfers
  • Good distance & forgiveness
  • A Durable & Steel build shaft
  • Delivers quite Precise shots
  • Balanced & Responsive irons


  • The finishing could be premium

3. MAZEL Golf Individual Men 7 Iron

MAZEL Golf Individual Men 7 Iron Best High Handicap Golf Irons

An overall lightweight golf iron that is a nice launch by Mazel as an individual iron rather than a set. This iron also dates back to 2019 but Mazel has kept it updated to make it an outstanding deal for high handicap golfers. If you are a casual golfer who occasionally plays golf or if you don’t want to spend a lot; then it is your deal.

Mazel made this iron through machining and precise finishing after that. This is made up of stainless steel and its shaft is of carbon steel as per Mazel’s claim. However, it doesn’t seem to be possible at such a reasonable price tag.

You will get it in a stiff flex and it is officially designed for right-handers. If you are not a right-hand golfer; you may have a hard time with this guy. However, this iron is packed with a loft of 33°which is still considered as 07 iron that would be enough for a golf course of up to 140 yards.

Moreover, it comes with a shaft length of 37.5” to be precise. Now, this is enough for men, but ladies may find it a bit larger comparatively. Along with that, it has got a 63° lie angle that tries its best to make your tee precise. The shaft length also comes into play when it comes to precision & delivery with minimal spin.

Its clubhead is using a cavity design which improves its center of gravity pretty much and guides for a focused delivery. To be honest, it has a pretty low center of gravity that makes a perfect relation with its entire body to bring a decent launch.


  • An Improved Rubber Grip
  • Impressive launch delivery
  • A Good forgiving & accuracy
  • Budget deal for casual golfers
  • The 07 iron is pretty responsive


  • Not a long term deal either

4. Callaway Big Bertha B21 Single Iron

Callaway Big Bertha B21 Single Iron best irons for high handicapper

If you want to maneuver irons with an added forgiveness and make your training joyful, this is going to be the best deal for you. Big Bertha B21 is the latest addition in Callaway’s fleet that dates back to 2021. You will get all standard flex for both hands & genders with the shaft made up of steel and graphite.

Just like its predecessor, Callaway is using Artificial Intelligence even in this iron as well. With this intelligence, the precision becomes up to mark and manufacturing becomes pretty admirable that further ensures its deliverance right on the course.

Along with AI; this guy features Flash Face Cup as well for an enhanced speed while flying. Of course, the speed and spin rate varies as per its flexes but it is quite improved for sure. Comparatively, this guy has a higher offset at its head.

Most of these things improve the delivery especially upon launching out there. With its enhanced offset, the launch becomes quite smooth and it also follows a straight path that you can get after frequent practicing. Later, the spin is also not a big deal for this iron nor does it affect your overall strike.

As compared to Callaway’s Marvik, this iron is packed with much higher forgiveness that you can feel upon picking this up. With its Tungsten Energy Core, the launches have become smoother. However, the height and distance still depend on its loft angle. The shots are now pretty precise with this iron.


  • Responsive & precise shots
  • Improved & easy launches
  • Features fast speed delivery
  • A Durable & steel Golf Iron
  • Higher offset & decent spins


  • Loft needs a bit of optimization

5. Callaway Golf Individual Apex Iron

Callaway Golf Individual Apex Iron best high handicapper irons

Callaway once again but for the last time on this list of the best high handicapper golf irons right in the center of it. This apex iron features a lightweight body that makes it quite ideal even for casual and occasional players. You will get it for both hands, all standard flexes, and with the graphite and steel shafts as well.

This Apex Golf iron from Callaway is the first-ever deal on the list that features a forged clubhead for enhanced longevity. Callaway calls it Urethane Microspheres technology which is a method to prevent the head from getting distorted. Moreover, Callaway uses Mild steel that is further encrypted in titanium.

Exploring it even more and you will get an improved 360 Face Cup into it. This provides a lot of support to make the shots some sort of targeted or precise at least. It optimizes the ball to get a decent and fast speed out there.

With this thing, you will find yourself a lot better when it comes to consistent speed and distance both at the same time. It features a standard shaft length that assists a lot to launch the ball from the sweet spots. This will require some practice, but it could also be a good deal as a mid to high handicap iron.

You can now improve your handicap eventually & it would be a great habit to use it frequently. You are supposed to hit at least 30 holes per week to improve your skill. The adequate speed is already achieved, the spinning is also not an issue with this iron. This way, you will get considerable forgiveness here.


  • Optimized & standard loft
  • An Admirable Sweet spot
  • Forged high handicap iron
  • Excellent launch & precision
  • Elevated head for forgiveness


  • The full set isn’t widely available

6. Cleveland Golf Launcher Turbo Wedge

Cleveland Golf Launcher Turbo Wedge best irons for high handicap

Cleveland for the first time on this list with its turbo wedge that is optimized for decent launches also known as a “tee” in technical language. They have launched it back in 2019 and this thing doesn’t matter for the quality you get. Here, you will get it for both hands. However, it is given only in regular & stiff flex out there.

Cleveland has got you with a steel shaft that is a crucial thing nowadays. This version is updated and it ensures consistency pretty much. The HB Turbocharge face is loaded with an enhanced strength that is necessarily made up of steel.

Again, the head is a bit thinner here just like we had TaylorMade right at the second spot of this guide. With this thing, Cleveland optimizes the entire wedge that eventually helps in speedy deliveries even at considerably longer distances.

The loft angle of 55° technically elevates it entirely. It assists you in a maneuverable spin that may not be very easy with the iron of this absolute angle. But, it is not an issue for this guy at all. It ensures fast & responsive delivery almost at any point.

For its design; Cleveland uses cavity construction on the back of its head that reduces the weight of that specific part. This further improves to make things balanced and its stable shots become possible with an addition of forgiveness as well.

Cleveland encrypts the wedge with a brown core that makes the shots pretty easy to hit. You can also hit quite high up in the air, which is good practice for you as a beginner. However, this sometimes affects the speed of the ball when traveling.


  • The Responsive launcher
  • For stable & Faster shots
  • Best one for short shots
  • An ideal match for newbies
  • For a better consistency


  • The sand wedge isn’t given

7. Cleveland Golf Launcher UHX Utility Club

Cleveland Golf Launcher UHX Utility Club best irons for high handicappers

Moving forward and Cleveland has captured you once more. This time, you have got its utility iron which is the same thing as a hybrid launcher. It is offered for both hands and you can select as per your style.

This launcher features a hollow construction that is loaded with added stability as it isn’t a bulky thing either. With this maneuverability, the launcher gets reasonable forgiveness and you will find it quite better than its rival comparatively.

Cleveland is using high-quality steel to make its body which is a nice thing to have. This steel is more encrypted towards its head’s face which helps in providing a responsive and smooth shot without any doubt.

You can now expect it to hit the ball at a long distance without arguing accuracy. As compared to its rivals, this guy is more to be on the side of spinning and not everyone is going to like this thing. So, this thing needs more optimization.

On its face, you will find v-shaped grooves that make direct contact with the ball and nicely launch it over the sky. The highest loft angle that you can get is 23° which is supposed to make things more convenient. Moreover, it is a good alternative to long irons if you are not a big fan of those.

Along with that, it’s forgiveness is also traditional as you hit the ball a few off the toe. And, it will never disappoint you. Of course, it’s not a good deal to make it a habit. The long shots are worth it & the break-in time is also minimal.


  • Works at inconsistent shots
  • A sophisticated forgiveness
  • Conveys stable & speedy shot
  • A Comfortable graphite shaft
  • Pretty promising accuracy


  • Nothing as such to argue

8. Mizuno Golf JPX921 Wedge Series | Best High Handicap Golf Irons

Mizuno Golf JPX921 Wedge Series best irons for high handicappers 2021

Mizuno has been pretty popular among sports enthusiasts. They are making clothes, shoes and a lot of sports gear including Irons for Golf. JPX921 is one out of those and this guy got launched back in 2020. This is a good deal for right-hand golfers as it is offered only in the right orientation out there.

With his shiny chromium finishing and texture, the wedge feels so luxurious. Mizuno is using an X30 stainless steel shaft for his JPX921 that doesn’t rust easily unless you don’t know how to take care of it.

When it comes to its control; it also conquers this part as it weighs only 100 grams, which would be okay for high handicap golfers. Further, this wedge has a shaft with stiff flex that seems to be a surprise for such a lightweight wedge.

With this shaft, you will be having meaningful control of the balls especially in launching for an incredible flight. It optimizes the spin rate to follow the target at a further distance without any problem.

To make things easy for you; this guy comes encrypted with an impressive grip that never slips, nor is it annoying. Thankfully, you will also get a sand wedge that ensures reasonable bounce. However, you would not need it for grassy golf courts.

Just like the other ones, this one also comes with a cavity design to ensure deliverance. Such irons are quite decent for most beginners. Here in this specific model, you will be getting an enormous loft angle of around 49°. Though this isn’t specifically meant for high distances, you do get fast coverage with it.


  • A Stainless Steel Shaft
  • Incredibly smooth iron
  • A Responsive coverage
  • Delivers Optimistic spin
  • With an impressive grip


  • Nothing to concern here

9. Wilson Staff Utility Men’s Golf Irons

Wilson Staff Utility Men's Golf Irons golf clubs taylormade

Wilson is the next brand that is going to disclose its one of the best High Handicap Golf Irons which is a utility version for right-hand golfers. This guy dates back to 2019 but Wilson has put some effort to stand it out perfectly in the market. You will be getting standard flex, along with different loft coverage as well.

This is the last graphite iron on this list and its convenience depends on your mood. Even being an iron that is made up of graphite, it is still considerably bulky that you may not necessarily love unless you need a bulky iron.

The entire iron looks fabulous with the grey color head and black graphite shaft. Wilson has made it in a hollow body that is optimized for distant coverage with an added forgiveness for high handicap golfers.

Your launches will be pretty optimal due to its improved shaft that never disappoints. The launch angles are also quite reasonable here that makes a perfect compliment along with the 18° loft.

With this loft, you will be practicing over the large courses. The angles are carefully optimized so the shots could not be missed. Although it is packed with much forgiveness, you also have to work on accuracy to master this sport.

Along with the loft angle and forgiveness, you have also got a strengthened clubhead that makes farther targets pretty much possible. Thanks to its C300 high-quality material it brings a durable head.


  • An easy to use Golf Iron
  • A Bulky & compact feel
  • Reasonable forgiveness
  • Optimized launch angles
  • Durable & targeted head


  • The shaft needs more durability

10. Srixon Golf- ZX Utility Iron

Srixon Golf- ZX Utility Iron taylormade m6 irons

Winding up the best high handicappers golf irons with the Srixon’s iron that is purely made up of steel. Srixon launched this iron at the start of 2021 by the way. Here, you will get standard flex and all of these irons are offered for right-handers only. Let’s have a skimmed look at this boy to get a clear idea of it.

Srixon is making clubheads of these irons with high-quality high carbon steel that provides good retention & value to money. Still, the iron is pretty much made up of graphite but this is more than durable as compared to rivals.

On the rear side of its head, you will get a dedicated pattern as this doesn’t feature a cavity at all. In addition to this, this has got a hollow design right out of the box that ensures reasonable forgiveness all the time.

Beneath the head, you will get a tungsten base that optimizes its center of gravity. That being said, getting a higher launch would not be a big deal anymore. However, you do have to put a bit of effort into getting up to speed while launching. For that, you must put yourself into practice right after unboxing it.

Along with that, this iron features a durable headcover which is a forged one. This is why there is an added forgiveness along with distance and speed as well. Moreover, its body is durable enough to bear powerful arcs that don’t emit a lot of vibration. You will undoubtedly fall in love with his impressive high launch tee.


  • With a forged clubhead
  • An Added forgiveness
  • A Smooth & high launch
  • Lower center of gravity
  • An adorable golf iron


  • Nothing to complain

11. Callaway Golf Men’s Strata Set

Callaway Golf Men's Strata Set

Callaway for the fourth but last time on this list of the best golf clubs for beginners with its Strata set that we can never forget to put here. This was launched back by Callaway back in 2018 and this #1 Golf club set comes in a family of up to 12 irons along with so many things. It is available in red and blue colors and both of these look quite good. Also, it is designed both for left and right hand golfers.

Beginner golfers need a lightweight club set as they are not good for dealing with heavy club heads. Callaway uses aluminum to make these clubs relatively lightweight and easy to balance. Strata is overall a maneuverable golf club set that you can get both in steel and graphite shafts depending upon your needs. Callaway includes a Putter, Wedge, Hybrid, and Irons along with wood and carries bag sort of things. This is a complete set that you can carry for a couple of years.

Coming to its performance, you will be impressed with it due to so many reasons. Callaway puts care to make these things forgiving and this is the reason you will get a lightweight yet durable clubhead that is loaded with a dedicated sweet spot to enhance the forgiveness even more and to provide a playable experience.

Instead of a compact clubhead, this is an oversized clubhead. These clubs are capable enough to provide decent coverage in terms of distance and precision. The speed is also more than enough to give you a consistent boost and its improved clubhead helps in providing a higher ball flight experience. Considering its price, the irons are pretty decent and forgiving out of the box.


  • Accurate and straight irons
  • A Good distance and speed
  • Forgiving & oversized clubhead
  • For a pretty reasonable price


  • Not meant for powerful strikes
  • Build quality could get a bit better

12. Wilson Men’s Ultra Plus Golf Club Sets | Best High Handicap Golf Irons

Wilson Men's Ultra Plus Golf Club Sets

Wilson for the second time on this guide and we have got you with Wilson’s Ultra golf set that was launched back in 2019 and it is performing very decently in the market ever since. Wilson ensured scheming for its colors and you will get yellow, black, and red color in these irons along with their sizes and both orientations.

This 14-piece set comes designed in a reasonable quality due to its reasonable pricing. The shafts come in a regular size that is easy to control for golfers of any kind and you don’t need to mess things up with its shaft. It has got durability almost similar to or a little bit better than Strata by Callaway for good longevity.

It is a great blend of performance and durability as Wilson incorporates a mighty sweet spot to take its forgiveness to a completely next level. The improved clubhead ensures great performance in terms of its speed and distance of course. Ultra Plus by Wilson is a cavity back iron which is the reason for its lightweight and handy design. The clubhead is pretty stable to provide a disciplined game to you.

You will also get a decent precision as it is meant to provide straight and near to accurate shots. The accuracy depends on your skills but the straight coverage here is something exceptional for this price. Moreover, it has got a proper offset although its center of gravity is not pretty optimized. Along with these things, this set has got a well-designed bag that comes with multiple adjustable pockets.


  • Lightweight and stable clubs
  • Straight and precise strikes
  • Impressive distance coverage
  • Sturdy golf clubs for beginners
  • Gives enough ball flight


  • The wedge needs improvements

13. Wilson Men’s Profile Platinum Golf Club Set

Wilson Men's Profile Platinum Golf Club Set

Wilson for the very last time on this list and you have now got its Profile clubs set that is specifically designed for Men golfers out there. This set features the same launch date as of Ultra Plus of Wilson but it is lightweight even more. You will get up to 10 clubs and it comes both in regular and taller shafts for everyone’s ease. You won’t get any color variant, and it is currently available only in graphite shaft.

First thing first, this set includes 10 clubs in which you get putters, irons, drivers, wedges, and woods as per the required quantity. All these clubs feature a glossy shiny look to provide you with a gorgeous look profile. They aren’t just looking good, they are also built very nicely and feature a lightweight design.

Although it is a cavity back iron you will get a blade to feel in its clubhead as Wilson is working to make things lightweight and it also incorporates a larger sweet spot. This helps you get the precise shots without dealing with mishits as such. The overall clubhead features a great alignment right out of the box.

Wilson integrates a Platinum Profile in these irons to provide you with precise, straight, and longer shots. Not just that, it also comes with a relatively lower center of gravity for overall improved performance and its ball flight trajectory is also on the next level. Both the stability and control are also very exceptional here.


  • An improved ball flight
  • Stable and precise clubs
  • An exceptional build quality
  • Aligned and lightweight clubs


  • Need to deal with manufacturing defects

14. Aspire XD1 Men’s Complete Golf Clubs | Best High Handicap Golf Irons

Aspire XD1 Men's Complete Golf Clubs

Let’s wind up this guide to the best golf clubs for beginners with the XD1 club set that was launched back in 2017. Its body is also balanced rightly although it could have to be lightweight even more. Anyways, it still works better out there on the golf course. The shaft lengths come in variants but you won’t get any sort of variation either in its color, hand orientation, and shaft material sort of things.

The set contains necessary clubs that include irons, wedge, putter, wood, and driver as well. This all comes in a detailed and nicely designed bag to put things into that. Moreover, it has got a graphite shaft that makes them somewhat lightweight or almost similar to the steel version of other irons. However, the irons are balanced. You would love it if you put some time into setting your hands.

Overall, Aspire is doing a great job with these irons in terms of durability and performance. These irons don’t rust and they are not meant to deal with the aggressive shots as they will get bent so be careful and don’t misuse them. Alongside, they are forgiving clubs, and the range of distance is also good here.


  • Precise and forgiving clubs
  • Maneuverable golf club set
  • Balanced & easy to use irons
  • Durable and good distance


  • You may need some break-in time

Best High Handicap Golf Irons Frequently Asked Questions

Which iron has the most forgiveness?

This entire guide consists of irons that are already packed with more than average forgiveness, to be honest. All these irons are ideal for high handicappers. However, if you are a complete newbie to Golf it’s better to opt for Callaway Big Bertha B21 Single Iron and Cleveland Golf Launcher UHX Utility Club.

What is a high handicapper golf Iron?

A high handicap golf iron is specifically designed for casual, amateur, and new golfers who are trying to learn this sport. Golf requires precision to meet the target with the least possible hits; these irons feature more than enough forgiveness that helps you to chase the target even if you hit wrong.

How many irons should a high handicap golfer get?

The number of irons you need depends on the scores you perform out there. Being a high handicapper, you would probably be hitting around 90 to 100. If this is the case, you don’t need to pick more than two irons as you first have to master the art of striking. If you don’t; bulk irons would not be helping you without a skill.

The best practice is to opt for hybrid irons as they are meant for mid to high skills. Rather than worrying about the number of irons; you should focus and pick an iron with added forgiveness, stability, precision & durability of course.

Wrapping Up the Best High Handicap Golf Irons

Beginner golfers mostly struggle at the start of their careers. Besides their skill level, the gear they are using matters a lot especially when it comes to golf irons as this is the main thing that they must have to get classical.

Picking up the professional iron is the major mistake a newbie golfer could ever make as this isn’t meant for him at all. Instead, you should pick high handicap golf irons to practice golf and lower your handicap as soon as possible.

As Golf is a pretty fascinating sport, your hits must be precise in parallel to the target. At first, you will be missing a lot of shots then you will be hitting wrong. This part requires a lot of practice to improve your handicap and overall skill.

With the best high handicap golf irons, you will get a maneuverable launch even if you hit with its toe accidentally. Such irons don’t require a lot of precision as you are likely to miss out on the sweet spots over the clubhead. These irons come with added forgiveness which is necessary for high handicappers.

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