Best Cavity Back Irons Top Picks & Selling Hot in 2022

The Cavity back irons are getting popular day by day amongst many golfers in the industry. These irons are designed to play better shots by optimizing forgiveness that would help in improving your overall game which is everyone’s dream.

As compared to blades, Cavity back irons are pretty helpful for optimizing your skills as they are pretty much rich in forgiveness due to the integrated cavity. These irons are the perfect combo of performance, feel design, and aesthetics as well. In short, these irons are meant to provide you with a consistent game.

Basically in this article, we will be taking a detailed look at exactly the best cavity back irons that you should never skip out. To be honest, there is not a general selection rule for these irons. If the cavity is on a higher side, they will be rich in forgiveness. Otherwise, you would be finding them a bit difficult to control or maneuver especially if you are a mid-handicap golfer.

Who Should Play Cavity Back Irons?

If you are an average golfer, who is trying to improve or play better shots but fails; Cavity back irons are meant for you in that case. These irons are quite easy to play in order to improve your skills if chosen precisely. In the start, the idea was to introduce irons for beginners. But now, this has turned to be everyone’s choice!

These irons deliver consistent yet lower shots with some packed speed for distant shots. But of course, you would need to practice for this thing as nothing gets done on your very first day! Anyways, these irons are still maneuverable for mid handicappers who are putting their effort to improve.

Depending upon the club’s brands, you will be getting a sophisticated bounce and a premium launching experience. However, it still depends on your skillset. Whatever is the case, you will be hitting precise and straighter shots undoubtedly. To some extent, we do recommend cavity back irons to high handicappers as well.

How does Cavity Back Irons feel?

This is a very nice move by you guys! Cavity back irons are pretty decisive ones, to be honest. These irons are designed with a slightly offset weighting that further offsets the center of gravity making it forgiving. Most brands use metallic construction for their club heads as they have outstanding durability and support.

Within the design element, club manufacturers integrate a hollow design that reduces the weight even more. Alongside, tungsten weightage adds a decent complement to the entire structure and provides a luxurious hitting experience. This makes them universal irons that you will also find in expert golfers’ hands.

Best Cavity Back Irons At A Glance

Overall Best Cavity Back Iron
Callaway Golf Men’s Strata Irons Set
Callaway Golf Men’s Strata Irons Set
  • Benefits: A Forgiving & Durable Head, Decent & optimized launch, The Maneuverable cavity irons, Lightweight & decent accuracy, For Straighter & distance shots
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For a Great Consistency
LAZRUS Premium Golf Irons Set for Men
LAZRUS Premium Golf Irons Set for Men
  • Benefits: Decent Consistency & Accuracy, The Budget cavity back irons set, With a Reasonable forgiveness, Gives Smooth yet a durable grip
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Individual & Easy to Hit Cavity Iron
Callaway Golf Mavrik Max Iron
Callaway Golf Mavrik Max Iron
  • Benefits: The great forgiving iron, Easy to hit & lightweight, Maneuverable for casuals, Durable build & a nice feel, Consistent & a fine spin rate
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Game Improvement Cavity Irons Set
TaylorMade SiM 2 Max Iron Set
TaylorMade SiM 2 Max Iron Set
  • Benefits: Best for game improvement, Forgiving and durable irons, Consistent and stable shots, A Higher & Smooth launching, An Improved Cap Back Design
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Beautiful & Accurate Clubs
Cobra Golf Speedzone One Irons Set
Cobra Golf Speedzone One Irons Set
  • Benefits: The gorgeous & durable clubs, Lightweight carbon fiber inserts, Delivers an Increased ball speed, Enough forgiving & precise clubs, Features a premium feel & sound
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Budget Cavity Back Irons Set
T11 Power Back Custom Made Standard Golf Irons
T11 Power Back Custom Made Standard Golf Irons
  • Benefits: Simple & Sleek Cavity Irons, Forgiving & lightweight clubs, A higher launch with stability, Delivers Consistent ball speed, Quite a Flexible clubheads set
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Comfortable & Long Hitting Iron
Callaway Golf Apex DCB Individual Iron
Callaway Golf Apex DCB Individual Iron
  • Benefits: With a Comfortable handle, Forgiving yet straighter hits, Precise and consistent iron, An Easy to Maneuver club, Features a smooth launch
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Improving & Durable Clubs
Cobra Golf 7 F-Max Irons Set
Cobra Golf 7 F-Max Irons Set
  • Benefits: The budget improvement irons, More than enough consistency, With a reasonable forgiveness, Durable build & aesthetical set, A Decent control and stability
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Lightweight Irons for Stable Shots
Mizuno Golf JPX921 Hot Metal Iron Set
Mizuno Golf JPX921 Hot Metal Iron Set
  • Benefits: The Reasonable forgiveness, Precise yet controllable irons, Stable & consistent deliveries, Features a robust build quality, A Smooth launching experience
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09 Best Cavity Back Irons in 2022 | Our Best Picks & Reviews

With so many options currently on the market, choosing the best cavity back irons is pretty much daunting. As competition arises in quality, the mediocre and cheap players also come into play promising quality at cheap cost. And, this isn’t always possible. You could be dodged at any point that you might not know right now!

Expert and advanced golfers may have been aware of these irons, but Beginners and casual golfers tend to fall into a trap pretty easily as they don’t have enough idea. In order to secure your investment, effort into practice, and time, you need a dedicated list that covers exactly the best cavity back irons to choose from.

To overcome this need, we are here to get the job done for our beloved readers! After a detailed analysis of reviews and a plethora of products listed out there, we have finalized these best choices to form this exclusive list. Let’s give it a read and thank us later!

1. Callaway Golf Men’s Strata Irons Set

Callaway Golf Men's Strata Irons Set

Let’s start this detailed list of the best cavity back irons with Callaway’s most popular set in the market. Callaway launched this set back in 2018 and these clubs are some of the lightest ones of this guide. Not just that, it is the first and maybe the exclusive one to come with color variations as well.

This family comes in blue & red color options and both these colors look amazing while holding them in your hands. Furthermore, Callaway also takes care of user preferences with its availability for both right and left-hand users. So, you won’t be feeling limited with this Callaway’s Strata at all.

Within the set, you have got a house full set that is composed of up to 16 pieces. Now, the number of irons and other things depends on the flex you pick. Right at the moment, Callaway features 12, 14 & 16 pieces set for standard flex. While it also provides a stiff set that consists of up to 16 family members.

This is a complete set of preferences, whereas the only limitation could be its steel shaft. Callaway doesn’t offer this set for graphite shaft, but that’s just for the current scenario. They will provide a lightweight shaft as well.

Strata by Callaway features lightweight yet forged irons that provide an above-average sweet spot that everybody loves. Inside its clubhead, Callaway incorporates a titanium warhead that makes it exceptionally performing yet durable. Plus, it also plays a crucial part to make these irons pretty much forgiving.

With the nicer aerodynamic optimization, these irons look and feel more impressive. Not just that, it also enhances your launching experience along with its sophisticated accuracy that lets you hit the straighter shots. Alongside that, these irons are a complete package for forgiveness, game improvement & distance shots with precision. Moreover, they are also quite easy to maneuver for casuals.


  • A Forgiving & Durable Head
  • Decent & optimized launch
  • The Maneuverable cavity irons
  • Lightweight & decent accuracy
  • For Straighter & distance shots


  • Takes time to get used to it!

2. LAZRUS Premium Golf Irons Set for Men

LAZRUS Premium Golf Irons Set for Men

Lazrus is the runner-up for this list that comes with the premium golf irons which are designed for men golfers. However, they can also be considered as unisex irons set to some extent. Lazrus has launched this set back in 2019 featuring a durable construction that is not so lightweight by the way.

The best part of this set; you are not bound to get the entire set even if you don’t need any specific club out of that. Lazrus makes your selection to the point and budget-friendly by providing multiple choices as per your needs. We won’t be explaining which irons are included and which aren’t as this depends on you now.

However, this set is still offered for both hand users. In this set, you will not be getting any color preferences and that makes it somehow unisex. Anyways, you have got an alloy steel shaft that comes durable yet balanced right out of the box.

These irons are universal in terms of performance and usage as Lazrus hasn’t specifically designed for any category. They could be the best match for casuals, beginners, average, and experienced yet everyday golfers as well. The reason for its popularity is the efficient pricing that makes it everyone’s choice.

Depending upon the individual irons within your set, the performance could vary but not pretty much. All these irons feature reasonable forgiveness, ample comfort, durable shaft along with consistent shot and optimal ball flight as well.

Though it doesn’t feature a detailed sweet spot as we had in Callaway’s Strata; it still provides a decent spin rate, an optimal control along with precision. The only thing that you can argue about is its weight but that too comes in only a few versions. Still, these irons may not be so easy to hit unless you get used to them.

In any case, you can’t challenge its consistency that’s exclusively exceptional here. To get decent clubhead speeds, you would need a bit of flexibility that again comes with time and practice. So, we still recommend it to casuals and beginners.


  • Decent Consistency & Accuracy
  • The Budget cavity back irons set
  • With a Reasonable forgiveness
  • Gives Smooth yet a durable grip


  • The shaft could be more improved

3. Callaway Golf Mavrik Max Iron

Callaway Golf Mavrik Max Iron

Callaway is the successor to Lazrus and comes for the second time with their Mavrik Max right here at the third spot. This is officially the first individual cavity back iron of this guide that was launched back in 2020. The iron weighs a few less than a pound making it pretty maneuverable and easy to use for casuals as well.

This boy is available for both hand users, so if you are a left or right-hand user, using these irons would not be a big deal for you. Furthermore, this is the first iron here that comes both with steel and graphite shafts in its fleet. However, the steel shaft is undoubtedly durable yet a bit bulkier. But the graphite shaft is lightweight.

Callaway is using Artificial Intelligence to form these irons exceptionally the best ones. Their flagship 360 Face Cup comes into play by making an impactful hit that depends on the flex you pick out there. For its flexes, Callaway launches their Mavrik Max for standard, light, ladies, and stiff versions across its fleet.

Mavrik Max provides a comparatively responsive and ball speed that makes a nice match with the given lofts in this iron. Callaway has optimized this version even more which now provides a balanced consistency along with some stability as well. Due to this, the golfer enjoys a decent spin and speed to hit the target.

With the tungsten infusion in this iron, you will get a balanced weight in it. This just does not make it lightweight, it also makes you hit precisely and improve your scores. Furthermore, its ball flight is also marvelous without any doubt.


  • The great forgiving iron
  • Easy to hit & lightweight
  • Maneuverable for casuals
  • Durable build & a nice feel
  • Consistent & a fine spin rate


  • Design & look feel a bit outdated

4. TaylorMade SiM 2 Max Iron Set

TaylorMade SiM 2 Max Iron Set

TaylorMade broke the power play with one of the best irons set in the market. SIM 2 Max irons are unforgettable due to so many reasons and we will be taking a skimmed look at all of these later. Anyways, TaylorMade launched this family back in 2021 that comes in a considerably bulk weight as compared to other sets.

SIM 2 by TaylorMade comes both for right and left-hand golfers who want to improve and feel the taste of golf. Moving further and you will get these irons to choose from steel or graphite shafts. The graphite version is lightweight here, but you would have to pay a premium which is not necessary in the alloy steel case.

Anyways, this set features Cap Back Design by TaylorMade that is technically making your clubs pretty lightweight. The high-quality stainless steel incorporation works like tungsten infusion here making it impressively durable. With this design, TM claims to make these guys extremely forgiving and distant irons.

It further comes with a Fast Forgiving Face which is responsible for optimizing its overall performance if nothing else. Alongside, these irons also feature ECHO Damping that works best with both these shafts. With this damping, you won’t be feeling any vibration upon hitting harder that later results in a precise delivery.

Moreover, SIM 2 irons are packed with enhanced forgiveness as well. For this reason, you will get a larger sweet spot that overcomes the needs of mishits. The ball speed is already increased here and this ultimate forgiveness makes it fun to play. Along with it, you will also be enjoying its high launch.


  • Best for game improvement
  • Forgiving and durable irons
  • Consistent and stable shots
  • A Higher & Smooth launching
  • An Improved Cap Back Design


  • The swing could be improved

5. Cobra Golf Speedzone One Irons Set

Cobra Golf Speedzone One Irons Set

We have got a new entrant on this list right in the center by Cobra. Cobra is debuting the list with their SpeedZone irons which are exclusively designed for decent speed and accuracy as well. These irons were launched back in 2020 and they come in the weight of fewer than 10 pounds right out of the box.

Cobra is making sure of the availability of these irons by respecting everyone’s preferences. These irons come both for right and lefty golfers to conquer the golf course. This irons set comes in alloy steel along with a graphite version as well. Furthermore, you will also get all necessary and standard flexes in its fleet.

Every brand introduces and integrates its technologies to form possibly the best irons in the market. The same goes for Cobra as well as they are using Carbon Topline fiber inserts in these irons. As per their claims, these fiber inserts are 40% lighter as compared to steel or any other metallic inserts.

We couldn’t exactly challenge the claim, but carbon fiber is lighter than steel inserts. Cobra is perfectly utilizing these irons and this results in a lightweight body that further provides an increased ball speed right out of the box.

Alongside their fiber inserts, these irons get a perfect advantage of their lower center of gravity that optimizes their toe and heel. This helps in providing decent distance coverage after getting used to it. The launching is already pretty smooth.


  • The gorgeous & durable clubs
  • Lightweight carbon fiber inserts
  • Delivers an Increased ball speed
  • Enough forgiving & precise clubs
  • Features a premium feel & sound


  • A bit higher spin rate than usual

6. T11 Power Back Custom Made Standard Golf Irons

T11 Power Back Custom Made Standard Golf Irons

Pacific Golf is an emerging Golf irons brand that is reserving the 6th spot on this mighty list. We have grabbed you with their T11 power golf irons which is a launch of 2016. With a weight of more than 10 pounds, these irons become one of the bulkiest cavity back irons of today’s guide. Anyways, they are still very performing.

These irons feature one of the ideal forgiveness for their price range in the market. With these irons, you will be getting a higher launch that further gets straighter towards the target depending upon the hit you play. You will get a truly lightweight and hollow back (aka cavity back) construction in its exclusive design.

T11 features a comparatively flexible face for its clubhead, which helps in further enhanced speed. The forgiveness has already got a wide presence, this speed makes it complementing even more. Expand its look, and you will notice a slightly widened and expanded clubhead that looks cool and performs incredibly.

These irons come in a regular flex rather than a stiffer one that makes it universal for golfers of almost any style. Moreover, its steel shaft feels pretty lightweight that looks and feels cool along with its velvet grip on top of it. You don’t need to swing it aggressively as this part is already accomplished.


  • Simple & Sleek Cavity Irons
  • Forgiving & lightweight clubs
  • A higher launch with stability
  • Delivers Consistent ball speed
  • Quite a Flexible clubheads set


  • Nothing to argue about!

7. Callaway Golf Apex DCB Individual Iron

Callaway Golf Apex DCB Individual Iron

Callaway for the last time at this list with their exclusive DCB iron from Apex series. This iron is a launch of 2021 that weighs less than a pound making it one of the lightest individual irons of this Best Cavity Back Irons guide. Callaway has launched this iron both for left and right-hand golfers.

In this iron, you will get to choose from its graphite and steel shafts that is a nice move by Callaway to satisfy user preferences. The steel version is durable yet a bit heavy as compared to the graphite shaft. However, it also resists vibration.

This iron is amongst the most forgiving irons by Callaway and this was possible due to cavity back design. With this design, you will be having a maneuverable launch experience that doesn’t require getting used to it. You will be having joyful sessions with these irons due to their forgiveness and maneuverability.

Likewise, the iron also features a smooth and comfortable shaft that lets you hit harder and further with precision. With the incorporation of carbon steel in this body, you will be getting a satisfying knocking sound upon hitting impactful. As Callaway claims, this iron is the best choice for golfers with 12 handicaps or more.

Also Check: Best Callaway Irons For Mid Handicap


  • With a Comfortable handle
  • Forgiving yet straighter hits
  • Precise and consistent iron
  • An Easy to Maneuver club
  • Features a smooth launch


  • An expensive individual iron

8. Cobra Golf 7 F-Max Irons Set

Cobra Golf 7 F-Max Irons Set

Cobra once again yet for the very last time on this entire list with its another great irons set. This family got launched back in 2019 and it owns a weight of around 08 pounds to be precise. With this ratio, you will be having an iron of 01 pounds. Just like other irons sets, Cobra is also providing this set both for left & right-handers.

With the incorporation of steel and graphite shafts, these irons set doesn’t get limited to a certain category of golfers. These irons feature a lightweight design that produces enhanced club speed right out of the box. The swing speed is a major concern of these irons as they feature above-average spin than usual.

The only reason behind this is its lighter shaft that enables you to achieve more than enough spin. Despite its spin rate, the entire set features a luxurious loft that allows a higher yet smooth and effortless launch just like any taylormade iron.

The entire F-Max series features an adorable consistency without compromising on accuracy. Though these irons don’t feature more than enough sweet spots like Callaway & Lazrus irons, they still provide you with reasonable forgiveness. Overall, these irons are nicely designed and optimized by Cobra for improving golfers. You will never regret any of these irons within the set.


  • The budget improvement irons
  • More than enough consistency
  • With a reasonable forgiveness
  • Durable build & aesthetical set
  • A Decent control and stability


  • Nothing as such to complain

9. Mizuno Golf JPX921 Hot Metal Iron Set

Mizuno Golf JPX921 Hot Metal Iron Set

Mizuno irons are one of the best irons in the market and let’s wind up this guide of the best cavity back irons with their JPX921 that has its fantasy. These irons got launched back in 2020 with a weight of more than 08 pounds. Though it is a bit bulky set, it still provides an appealing feel and detailed control as well.

These irons come in left and right-hand orientation along with steel and graphite shafts as well. Mizuno has ensured all standard and necessary flexes in these irons that pretty much justify the need of any golfer seeking improvement in his game.

JPX921 fleet comes in a chromic color along with chrome content in its alloy steel shaft and clubhead as well. This protects your clubs from rusting. The entire irons set has got a stability form that helps in enhanced stability & launching. Due to a good build, you will get a prominent knocking sound with these clubs.

With all these properties and incorporated lightweight clubhead, the entire set feels and performs very effectively. Their Seamless Cup Face provides a solid ball speed that makes you meet your target precisely and sufficiently. Along with that, you have got decent forgiveness, stable shots, and prominent build quality.


  • The Reasonable forgiveness
  • Precise yet controllable irons
  • Stable & consistent deliveries
  • Features a robust build quality
  • A Smooth launching experience


  • Not meant for casual & beginners

Best Cavity Back Irons | Frequently Asked Questions

What are the Best Cavity Back Irons?

There are several options in the market for this category, but we have analyzed the best ones that cover your needs and expectations for this range. If forgiveness is your exclusive concern, Callaway Golf Men’s Strata Irons Set should be your best option. Callaway Golf Apex DCB Individual Iron & Cobra Golf Speedzone One Length Irons Set are best for distance coverage and smooth launching. Alongside this, LAZRUS Premium Golf Irons Set for Men is an ideal match for consistency.

Are Blades better than Cavity Back Irons?

To be honest, this all depends on your requirements, expectations, and some other decisive factors. Blades are pretty less forgiving than the cavity back irons as they are exclusively meant for extraordinary players who don’t need forgiveness as such. But they are expensive as well as they are better in almost every regard from coverage, speed, precision, consistency & swing rate. Cavity back irons come for decent pricing and pretty much satisfies your needs for the price.

Wrapping Up the Best Cavity Back Irons

The introduction of Cavity back irons was to provide beginner and average golfers with game-improvement clubs that are lightweight and easy to use. Because playing blades were not everyone’s cup of tea due to their weight and pricing of course! Here, the best cavity back irons proved to be game-changing clubs in the industry.

The Best Cavity Back Irons comes with a larger and improved sweet spot that is designed to straighten your mishits. Their lightweight & perfectly designed body provides them an advantage to play distant shots at a compelling consistency.

As compared to blades, Cavity back irons deliver a lower spin rate which is more than enough to provide you with a luxurious launching. And, that is everyone’s dream out there! For this reason, you will commonly find these irons almost for every golfer’s equipment of any skill level.

If you are interested in buying these irons, but you aren’t pretty sure about the exact options. You should worry not as we have got you covered with this dedicated guide of the best cavity back irons to save your time & effort. Just give this guide a skimmed look and you will have the best choices as per your taste!

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