What Is A Mid Handicap Golfer | This is What You Need To Know!

A Handicap is a commonly used term in Golf Sports that tells about the skill level or expertise of any golfer. If you are an existing golfer, you are already aware of it. But the problem arises for golf beginners, newbies, and complete newcomers who are just curious about What is a Mid Handicap Golfer?

So, we found this thing needs to be addressed and wrote this short yet effective guide for you guys.  With the help of a Handicap score, you will get to know how well a golfer plays in a certain course. Or you can simply call it a set of parameters used in golfing to judge their professionalism/skill set (better to say).

To make things perfect, neat, and clear for our readers, we will take things from the beginning so they will be appealing to you. For this, we will cover some basic aspects before exactly going into our Question of What is a Mid Handicap?

Understanding the Golf Handicap Concept

Understanding the Golf Handicap Concept What Is A Mid Handicap Golfer

For everything in our lives, there will be a systematic department that monitors and cares about our concerned parts. The same goes with sports and the United States Golf Association (aka USGA) is the man behind our beloved Golf sports.

The Job of this department is to set standards and develop and update systems with many more things that aren’t directly related to our guide. Anyways, this USGA guy is responsible for creating a system. That’ll enable golfers of any level around the globe (or the United States specifically) to come and practice golf at their best.

Now, in order to track one’s performance and work-out, a golfer might need some scoring system that could be made official or readable to others to judge. Under this system, the goal is to make the golf sport completely flawless & joyful for everyone. And that was made possible by the world-renowned Golf Handicapping.

The process might seem messy and complicated in a newbie’s eye. But the result is pretty simple: you can simply take it out and play in tournaments or casually. Now, to bring transparency to the system, USGA makes things more filtered and organized rather than making you dependent on your respective numbers.

So, for this reason, USGA now lets you forecast your Handicap with respect to the best strokes you play in a course rather than just the average of your scores. Here, you will be playing up to 20 shots and you will be considering up to 10 of your best shots. And then calculating their average with a par and some minor things.

Now, your handicap score could be affected sometimes just like your actual performance. And, this could be varied with respect to the weather condition, the course, your strokes quality, and your golf clubs more specifically.

To deal with this or to make things clear, some golf brands are now focusing on a lot of things that mainly include improving their clubs. With the innovation in manufacturing and designing, golf brands are now offering specific golf clubs to certain handicaps. This has helped golfers a lot to improve even more.

What is a Mid Handicap Golfer?

What is a Mid Handicap Golfer

To break down things with respect to a golfer’s skillset, USGA further divides or assigns certain caps to specific sorts of golfers. With this thing in your hands, you or anyone else no longer needs to say a note as your handicap speaks itself!

Here, USGA categorizes handicaps basically into 03 parts: High, Low, and Mid Handicaps. In this article, our major concern is with Mid Handicap but we’ll still give a minor yet descriptive touch to the rest of the two categories as well.

Golfers with low handicaps play low scores and decisive shoots with reasonable precision and confidence in them. In contrast to that, high handicap golfers tend to miss frequently that needs serious improvement. In this category, most golfers are complete beginners or they are just casual who are playing it for fun.

Here comes the mid handicap who lies right in the center of both these categories. Mid Handicappers don’t play exceptionally best like a low handicapper, nor their shots are awful and under confident like a high handicap. A Mid Handicapper is already improving and working day & night to maneuver his shots.

A Mid Handicapper generally falls between 11 to 20 range of handicap scores. They don’t usually miss the greens but only a few ones to get warm-up. Other than that, Golf sports have more share of mid handicapped players as compared to other ones according to one of USGA’s analysis reports.

This is one of the reasons you get the full range of golf equipment for mid-handicap players. You will commonly get mid handicap clubs than the other categories. A reason could be their hybrid construction as well.

Mid Handicap Players mostly play an average of 75 to 90 score and they do keep improving towards Low handicap. If your handicap is between 11 to 15, you will be considered as a lower-mid handicapper. From 15 to 16 and 16 onwards, a golfer is likely to be known as a mid-mid handicap or a low mid handicap golfer.

Generally, Mid Handicap golfers feature a decent consistency that leads them towards some accuracy by utilizing forgiveness of their clubs. Moreover, their launches and greens are also quite reasonable or attractive, which makes them outstanding on the golf course. With time, the bunker and putt also get improved.


If you are interested in the golf sport, you must have listened to the word “handicap” and you should now understand the concept as well. This is a system designed to elaborate one’s expertise and performance in real-time. Mid Handicap Golfers hold a share of around 45% of the overall registered golfer population.

With a mid handicap score in your hands, you can consider yourself dedicated and in the good company of golfers who are always improving their skills. Though accuracy is a bit of a challenge, it gets better after practicing it! With time and practicing more often, they keep going closer to becoming a low handicapper.

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