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Golf is an interesting and joyful game and there is no doubt at all. If you are already a golfer, you will agree with this but if you are just heading towards golf, you first need to get to know about golf terminologies. Now, we are not going to discuss every single term in this guide, but we will only take a detailed look at handicaps as you must be wondering what is a golf handicap.

To clear you every bit of it, we have sectioned this guide into many parts from its needs, history, calculations, uses, and so on. So, let’s take a look at this guide.

What is a Golf Handicap & Why do you need it?

 Why do you need it

Well, this could be an explainable topic if you want to know about every single thing about it. In a nutshell, a golf handicap is a numerical system in golf that is used to elaborate a golfer’s ability to play golf according to one’s previous scores. As you already know, if you have a lower score you are a better golfer in that game. The same goes for handicaps as well.

If your handicap score is lower, you are a comparatively better player for consecutive games. In layman’s terms, a golf handicap is a measuring unit that is used to represent a golfer’s playability and skills. When comparing with other fellows or golf mates out there on the golf course, you can provide them with your handicap as a reference to your playability instead of opting for a demo shot.

So, a golf handicap is a must for golfers looking to play in tournaments or groups. Now, golf is a very popular sport in the United States and Europe. Millions of people around the world play golf but less than 10% of them know their handicap or they don’t have any handicap at all! You can now say handicap is a must for competitive and avid players but it is not necessary for everyone.

Historically, there have been a lot of amendments and modifications to the handicap system. The current handicap system and its definitions are pretty different from the original one. Both USGA and USGTF define handicap a bit differently, however, the target is still the same for measuring one’s playability.

Having a handicap in one’s hands isn’t necessary for every single person out there. But, it has its advantages such as you can compete in tournaments which are fun of its kind. Moreover, golf club brands are now producing their clubs as per the handicap system whether it be a low, high, or mid handicap.

A Brief History of Golf & Handicap

A Brief History of Golf & Handicap

Well, everything that exists in this world has a history from where things begin. Golf is more than a century-old sport, and so is the handicap. In the start, there used to be a referee and golfers, where golfers played and referees recorded that. It was a bit different then, but it turned into a handicap almost 170 years ago. Now, a handicap is used in tournaments and championships both small and large.

How to Calculate your Golf Handicap?

How to Calculate your Golf Handicap

Before calculating your handicap, you first need to have some sessions of golf and play the best scores as much as you could and then you will have a record. Even before, you need to know some basic things like, what is the range of handicaps for men or women players so you can have a clear difference along with a range.

For men golf players, the golf handicap is between 0 and 28 index and women golf players have a handicap range between 0 and 36. The style in which you play golf also plays a key role in moving the needle of your actual handicap. Lower the score, lower the handicap. And, the lower the handicap, the higher the playability and chance of winning. There are a lot of ways to improve your playability & skills.

Coming back to the topic of how to calculate your golf handicap. If you have never played a shot in golf, your golf handicap doesn’t exist at all. So, you need to play some healthy shots after detailed practice sessions. As simple as that! First, you need to find a golf course whether it be 09 or 18 holes. Play some shots and record them on the scoreboard one by one along with transparency.

You just need to submit three holes in a row at a golf course to get your hands on the handicap. Get an average of your 08 lowest scores and multiply your answer with 0.93 and 0.96 in some cases as a differential factor.

What does your Golf Handicap mean & How to improve your Golf Handicap?

What does your Golf Handicap mean & How to improve your Golf Handicap

So, you have calculated your handicap and you now have got your handicap in your hands. However, if you don’t know what that means, worry not as we are here! If you have got a handicap of 10, it means you need 10 shots in a single round. In simple words, 10 handicaps mean you need to play 10 consecutive shots to complete a hole. Comparatively, if a golfer requires 05 shots to complete that hole, he has a handicap of 05 and he is a comparatively better player than yours.

To improve your golf handicap, you need to ensure some things before engaging yourself in hardcore practice sessions. First of all, you need better golf clubs and equipment but not the exceptional ones as you are just trying to improve. So, game improvement irons would perform pretty better for you guys. Once it’s all set, you need to practically dive into the practice sessions to improve your skills.

The first thing you need to do is to improve your playability by enhancing your swing. Alongside, improve your ball flights and launches. Moreover, you need to either practice frequently or you can extend the duration of your sessions to balance things smoothly and push yourself to perform better out there.

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