10 Best Callaway Irons For Mid Handicap in 2022

Callaway is considered a legendary brand when it comes to sports equipment. You will be getting quality gear and that too at significantly reasonable pricing that makes them stand out as one of the best Golf Iron Brands.

Although they are producing a lot of stuff for golfers as well as for other sports, finding the best ones is still a tough task. Especially when it comes to golf irons. If you are an expert golfer, there would not be any problem at all. However, if you want to get the Best Callaway Irons For Mid Handicap, stay tuned till the end.

Best Callaway Irons For Mid Handicap | A Brief & Meaningful Intro of a Legend Brand

Before digging deeper into the list that covers Best Callaway Irons For Mid Handicappers; it’s a great practice to get to know about this brand. Callaway is an American brand and they got into the market around 40 years ago. Ely Callaway is the man behind this legendary brand.

They are not just producing golf irons or clubs. Instead, they are making almost every sort of product that is a need of a golfer. This might include shirts, types of equipment, gear, wearings and some other sort of things. While golf irons are the most successful and popular products due to so many reasons.

Unlike a few other brands; Callaway is working on a different model that lets them keep growing their trust in the eyes of Golfers. Instead of launching several line-ups every year, they are focusing on quality over quantity of their clubs. This is why you will hardly find 30 series or hybrid clubs in their entire fleet.

Despite their quality, their prices also seem to be competitive and on a reasonable side instead of charging a premium for it. Most of their irons come with a forged club head that lets you perfectly capture the sweet spot. This eventually leads you to hit a precise and accurate shot with a decent speed.

This was a brief and possibly detailed intro of Callaway as a brand. Now, it’s time to get to know our selection for today’s topic of the Best Callaway Irons For Mid Handicap. All these boys are going to be a significant deal for your career.

Our Top 3 Picks of Best Callaway Irons For Mid Handicap

Callaway Golf Mavrik Iron Set
Callaway Golf Mavrik Iron Set
  • Material: Alloy Steel
  • Hand Orientation: Right
  • Shaft Material: Steel
  • Brand: Callaway
Callaway Big Bertha B21 Iron Set
Callaway Big Bertha B21 Iron Set
  • Material: Graphite
  • Hand Orientation: Right
  • Shaft Material: Graphite
  • Brand: Callaway
Callaway Golf Apex Individual Iron
Callaway Golf Apex Individual Iron
  • Material: Other
  • Hand Orientation: Right
  • Shaft Material: Steel
  • Brand: Callaway

Best Callaway Irons For Mid Handicap At A Glance

Overall Best Callaway Irons
Callaway Golf Mavrik Iron Set
Callaway Golf Mavrik Iron Set
  • Benefits: For an ideally smooth launch, Innovative & precise clubhead, A Forgiving iron & stable shots, With a Simple yet a worthy grip
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Best Hybrid Callaway Iron
Callaway X HOT Hybrid
Callaway X HOT Hybrid
  • Benefits: For Consistent & Stable shots, The Balanced and Stable iron, Provides an optimal launch, Decent & improved deliveries
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Callaway Forgiving Iron Set
Callaway X HOT Iron Set
Callaway X HOT Iron Set
  • Benefits: A Durable Steel Shaft, Improved forgiveness, For a Satisfying launch, Decent speed & precision
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For optimal Stability & Precision
Callaway Big Bertha B21 Iron Set
Callaway Big Bertha B21 Iron Set
  • Benefits: Ideal for game improvement, Optimized & durable clubhead, With an Optimistic build quality, Precise shots & smooth launches
Shop Here
The Cheapest Individual
Callaway Men’s X2 Hot Individual Iron
Callaway Men’s X2 Hot Individual Iron
  • Benefits: Lightweight & a Durable iron, With an optimal forgiveness, Best for high to mid handicappers, A very reasonable quality & price
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With an impressive loft
Callaway Golf Apex Individual Iron
Callaway Golf Apex Individual Iron
  • Benefits: With a forged steel body, An Outstanding build quality, Consistent & precise deliveries, Provides a pretty Smooth launch, Balanced steel & graphite shaft
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For a comfortable & Great Feel
Callaway Golf Men's Rogue Irons Set
Callaway Golf Men’s Rogue Irons Set
  • Benefits: For a consistent accuracy, Improved launch & flight, Gives a Sophisticated Feel, With a Compact clubhead, Performing irons for the price
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The Balanced & Controlled Iron
Callaway Golf Men's Rogue X Irons Set
Callaway Golf Men’s Rogue X Irons Set
  • Benefits: Designed for a max distance, With a Top-notch clubhead, Optimized & consistent shots, Responsive & balanced clubs
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Iron with Cavity Back Design
Callaway APEX DCB Irons
Callaway APEX DCB Irons
  • Benefits: Quite Durable Iron Sets, An Ultimate forgiveness, Gives a Smooth Launch, An Optimized clubhead, Consistent & adorable
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For Low to Mid Handicappers
Callaway APEX TCB Irons
Callaway APEX TCB Irons
  • Benefits: Impressive ball flights, Optimum build quality, Best for low to mid handicap, With a Compact Head Size, A pretty attractive design
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Best Callaway Irons For Mid Handicap | Our Best Picks & Review

1. Callaway Golf Mavrik Iron Set

Callaway Golf Mavrik Iron Set best irons for mid handicap

Getting started with Callaway’s Mavrik is a legendary club for most of the golfers out there. Callaway launched this baby back in 2019 and this one is offered in a set as well as in an individual iron as well. However, the number of irons in the set could vary as per your choice. Mostly, you will get 04 to 06 irons in this iron set.

You can pick them out irrespective of your orientation as Callaway has launched this family both for left and right-hand golfers. So, left-handers won’t have to skip this out as this is a common case for some other models out there.

When exploring its shaft you will be amazed. Callaway offers this set both in steel and graphite shafts that is a plus and a unique point for these specific clubs. Better is to opt for the steel shaft as it is a good deal. However, Graphite is still an option here if you are not a big fan of steel shafts due to some reason.

Additionally, these irons are available in three different flexes. This might include Light, stiff and regular flex that totally depends on your style and the spin you want to achieve against that hit.

Mavrik is considered as one of the advanced irons by Callaway and this made us place it right on top of this list. Callaway is using Artificial Intelligence to make these irons. Further, they have also redesigned the clubhead that now results in an enhanced speed. However, it sometimes depends on the flex you pick.

Along with these things; its tungsten-infused clubhead provides you with a smooth and decent launch experience. This further incorporates precision along with stability upon striking this out. As far as forgiveness is concerned; you will also find it pretty luxurious for your caliber.


  • For an ideally smooth launch
  • Innovative & precise clubhead
  • A Forgiving iron & stable shots
  • With a Simple yet a worthy grip


  • Easy to scratch and lose its beauty

2. Callaway X HOT Hybrid

Callaway X HOT Hybrid best irons for mid handicapper

The next Callaway iron for mid-handicap on this list is going to be the hybrid choice for golfers. Callaway launched this boy back in 2019 and it’s been a popular club. However, it is only offered for right-handers. So, if you aren’t a right-hand golfer, it is better to skip this one and check out the next one on this list.

Despite its orientation, this hybrid iron is offered just in a graphite iron that is also a reasonable deal for the price at least. Of course, this one is going to be a considerably light iron as compared to irons with steel shafts. Plus, it sometimes also assists to optimize your spin rate along with enhancing the speed as well.

Other than that, you will get all standard flex that includes regular, light as well as stiff flex. On top of that, this is the only Callaway iron on this list that comes with a dedicated flex for ladies Golfers to help them improve their game in a better way. Moreover, you will also be getting an optimistic launch with this hybrid iron.

Furthermore, Callaway has ensured the availability of 3, 4, and 5 hybrids in this single model. Basically, this is almost the same term that we use for 3, 4, or 5 irons. However, it is only used for hybrid irons instead of compact ones. By using the ideal Hybrid, you can hit the target at a further distance or up high in the air.

Alongside, you will get a 19° loft in this model that is meant to optimize and provide you with a balanced control between the height and distance of your shots. Moreover, this is quite maneuverable and easy to hit iron for Mid handicappers.


  • For Consistent & Stable shots
  • The Balanced and Stable iron
  • Provides an optimal launch
  • Decent & improved deliveries


  • Nothing to complain about presently

3. Callaway X HOT Iron Set

Callaway X HOT Iron Set best mid handicap irons 05 Best Callaway Irons For Mid Handicap in 2022

Another hot iron that you are going to pick is in a set instead of an individual iron. Callaway launched this guy back in 2019 and it provides you with a great value to money and improved experience alongside.

This iron set is offered for both hand users and you can select as per your preferences to ensure a smooth feel and dedicated control over the game. Along with this, you will also be getting a quality steel shaft that is a plus point here.

Though it is going to be a bit bulkier as compared to irons with graphite shafts; but you will not be facing any sort of vibration that sometimes becomes an annoying part of your game. Plus, it is also going to lead you towards a constructive skillset sooner. Of course, irons with steel shafts tend to last for an above-average time.

The next thing is the flex of it; which is designed only for man players. Here, you will only get a regular and stiff flex. However, it completely depends on your choice and preferences. Stiffer is a good option for some advanced golfers.

The shaft here comes in a standard length that matters a lot in terms of making or breaking your game. Moreover, it could also decisively accelerate the speed of your hits. All these things are packed with an amazing and satisfying sound.

Another good thing is its forgiveness which ultimately depends on your needs and skill set you are having. Its added forgiveness is more than enough if you mistakenly hit other than a sweet spot of the clubhead which is a common habit for mid as well as players with a high handicap.

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  • A Durable Steel Shaft
  • Improved forgiveness
  • For a Satisfying launch
  • Decent speed & precision


  • A putter isn’t given in this set

4. Callaway Big Bertha B21 Iron Set

Callaway Big Bertha B21 Iron Set best irons for high handicapper 05 Best Callaway Irons For Mid Handicap in 2022

Big Bertha is an undeniable boy from Callaway’s fleet and missing this out is almost equivalent to skipping the entire Callaway fleet. With the updated launch year of 2020, this is going to be the latest iron on this list.

Following the traditions & Callaway is offering this iron both for left and right-hand users. Along with the orientation, this guy is also offered graphite and steel shaft which is a very good thing instead of limiting users to just one thing. Golfers now have both options to pick as per their needs, preferences, and style.

Moreover, this iron set is also offered for regular, lighter as well as stiff flex. Furthermore, you can pick this set as per its configuration that consists of 04 to 06 members in their set. All these are designed in an attractive silver color body.

Callaway has also integrated the flagship Flash Face Cup which is pretty nicely designed for this specific set. It not only improves the ball speed but also elevates the outlook of the entire clubhead that looks so gorgeous right out of the box. Plus, it has also enhanced the durability and overall build quality of this iron.

With this revision, you will be able to get a maneuverable experience. Now, you will be having a low spin rate, fast delivery along sophisticated precision as well. Though its graphite shaft version is lighter, the steel shaft is ideal to absorb any additional vibration. Kudos to Callaway for optimizing its clubhead.

In the end, you will also be noticing a slightly improved offset in these irons that are enough for mid to high handicap golfers. It eventually helps in establishing a high launch. Moreover, forgiveness is also one of the greatest in this model.


  • Ideal for game improvement
  • Optimized & durable clubhead
  • With an Optimistic build quality
  • Precise shots & smooth launches


  • The clubhead isn’t oversized here

5. Callaway Men’s X2 Hot Individual Iron

Callaway Men's X2 Hot Individual Iron 05 Best Callaway Irons For Mid Handicap in 2022

Another best Callaway Irons For Mid Handicap is X2 Hot. It is dedicatedly meant for men players and it doesn’t come in any sort of set at all. Callaway launched it back in 2014 which makes it the senior-most iron on this list. Moreover, it is the cheapest iron on this entire list.

This iron is offered for both hand orientations (right and left hand) and you can select this out as per your needs. Not just that, you will also get this guy in steel and graphite shaft that is a great initiative by Callaway. Along with that, you will also get standard flex that includes regular & stiff ones but Light flex is missing.

These irons are packed with a club loft of 06° that is quite reasonable for getting a sophisticated launch and to hit the target with an enhanced speed. The stability is also not a big deal here, especially if you opt for the steel shaft.

Together with this, Callaway has made this iron in a lightweight body as Callaway is targeting beginner golfers. Of course, the precision is not up to mark in this iron but don’t forget the price you are paying for.


  • Lightweight & a Durable iron
  • With an optimal forgiveness
  • Best for high to mid handicappers
  • A very reasonable quality & price


  • Precision could be even better

6. Callaway Golf Apex Individual Iron

Callaway Golf Apex Individual Iron

Expanding the list of Best Callaway Irons For Mid Handicap even more and this time, we have got you with their best-selling iron known as Apex. Callaway has launched this guy back in 2019 and you can find this iron in a lot of variations. Thankfully, Callaway has launched it both for left and right-hand orientations.

To make things interesting even more; this guy comes in a shaft that is available for both sorts of materials. Its steel shaft ensures durability along with the ability to resist vibration. While the graphite shaft is optimized perfectly to give it a lightweight feel. Of course, the steel version is going to be a bit bulkier.

To make your sessions delightful, Callaway has integrated almost all standard flex in these irons. If you are some sort of a Pro golfer in your category, it is better to opt for a Regular one which is supposed to hit the furthest target. The stiff version is a good deal if you are not a big fan of vast coverage.

Anyhow, the iron performs pretty compellingly whatever flex you would pick. The clubhead is a forged one and it ensures maneuverable longevity. Callaway’s flagship 360 Face Cup is also integrated here that helps in spin control of the shot.

Furthermore, the clubhead is pretty optimized as it nicely delivers consistency over every shot until you become aggressive. Now, if you are a hardcore golfer, you will still find it awesome to have, but you might have to sacrifice its consistency a little bit. The rest of the things remain outstanding.

Lastly, its clubhead is packed with a nice offset that reflects in its center of gravity. This leads you towards precision while having a launch which means you are now going to enjoy smooth yet consistent ball flights for most of the time.


  • With a forged steel body
  • An Outstanding build quality
  • Consistent & precise deliveries
  • Provides a pretty Smooth launch
  • Balanced steel & graphite shaft


  • Nothing to argue yet

7. Callaway Golf Men’s Rogue Irons Set

Callaway Golf Men's Rogue Irons Set

Here we go with another iron set by Callaway that is going to please you. These guys came back in 2018 and they have conquered the Callaway market pretty much. With frequent updates and care by Callaway, these boys are still pretty outstanding when it comes to practicality over the golf course.

This is the last guy by Callaway on this list that doesn’t offer any sort of variations in its launched fleet. If you are a left-hand golfer, this is the exclusive deal for you as Callaway has officially made it for left-handers only. So, we are sorry for our right-handers as this isn’t meant for them. You can skip this out & go ahead.

These irons are offered in graphite shafts only and they are specifically using Synergy in these clubs. On top of that, their flex is also limited to the Stiff version only and it is a good match for mid handicappers with practically improved skills.

Here as well, you will get a standard 360 Face Cup that is optimized for improved ball speed. Its clubhead is designed in a cavity back design that makes no sense when considering its flex as it wasn’t supposed to be a match for it. Except for this thing, we are pretty sure and confident about its performance on the course.

One last thing that Callaway only offers for their Rogue series irons is Urethane Microspheres that are meant to provide a great feel right out of the box. Along with that, you will definitely get Tungsten incorporation in its clubhead that offsets the center of gravity. It ultimately improves the ball flight and launch experience.


  • For a consistent accuracy
  • Improved launch & flight
  • Gives a Sophisticated Feel
  • With a Compact clubhead
  • Performing irons for the price


  • Forgiveness could be better

8. Callaway Golf Men’s Rogue X Irons Set

Callaway Golf Men's Rogue X Irons Set

Alright, these irons got launched back in 2018 and they are also the most-converting irons by Callaway in terms of performance and value to money. Callaway has launched them for both hand orientations that makes it pretty much ideal for all-rounder golfers. Later, they are also packed with graphite shafts.

In these irons, you will be enjoying their regular or light flex that is technically meant for regular and some inconsistent players respectively. Later, this specific set is offered in up to 08 different configurations respective to their ideal throw range. All these are certainly supposed to make your sessions fantastic.

If you want to maneuver golf, you must deal with the responsiveness of irons and the speed of the balls you play. For that reason, your irons should be optimized so that you won’t have to regret them. Callaway has an edge along with some other brands that take care of this start right from the start.

Here, you will get almost the same face cup that you get in the Rogue and Apex series of Callaway. This face cup is meant for optimizing the ball speed that you play without compromising consistency and a bit of accuracy that is the soul of a game. The clubhead is optimized to achieve as much consistency.

In parallel to this, you will get a satisfactory sound upon hitting the ball with the clubhead whether it’s a tee or any sort of launch. The sweet spot along with the toe is well-designed and it ultimately provides maneuverable forgiveness.


  • Designed for a max distance
  • With a Top-notch clubhead
  • Optimized & consistent shots
  • Responsive & balanced clubs


  • Build quality could be decent
  • The loft is lower than normal

9. Callaway APEX DCB Irons

Callaway APEX DCB Irons

DCB is the latest addition to Callaway’s Apex series that just got launched back in 2021 for mid handicappers. DCB is a great deal for the golfers who prioritize forgiveness and distance instead of speed and consistency. In this regard, Apex DCB doesn’t disappoint at all and performs as it is supposed to be.

These irons are designed specifically for left-handed golfers but you can still get its right-hand version that’s not a big deal either. Callaway has made its clubhead in a cavity back design but it truly provides a forged feel when playing out with it.

Both in terms of performance and appearance, these irons don’t lead to regret at all. You will get what you are supposed to get. Nor does it perform exceptionally best likewise a low-handicap iron set, nor it sets back in any regard.

With its forged construction, Callway ensures good longevity out of the box with its Apex DCB. The face cup is well-optimized and it is packed with a delightful AI design that never gets old. Tungsten Energy Core plays its part to add stability and consistency while having a launch with it.

The DCB Apex comes with a moderate offset rate that is still good as compared to the rest of the irons of this series. Callaway has also optimized the clubhead pretty much as it now gives an enhanced outlook rather than an oversized or compact.

For its forgiveness, the irons play pretty much decently and provide an easy launch experience with smoothness in parallel. Additionally, the increased spin rate also leads towards a distant delivery along with decent control over it.


  • Quite Durable Iron Sets
  • An Ultimate forgiveness
  • Gives a Smooth Launch
  • An Optimized clubhead
  • Consistent & adorable


  • Shaft Grip could be better

10. Callaway APEX TCB Irons

Callaway APEX TCB Irons

TCB irons by Callaway are also a nice addition to their fleet and you will also find them out to be used in the US open championship as per Callaway claims. These irons are nicely designed and precisely made to focus on accuracy & consistency.

Callaway has designed its clubhead in a cavity back design but is specifically a Tour Cavity Back design rather than a forged one. The head size is obviously compact as you couldn’t expect an oversize head for mid-handicap golf irons.

The irons are well built and don’t feel cheap. Neither you get a fragile or mediocre feel at all. You can get these irons in steel body and their shaft is offered both in steel and graphite build. However, steel shafts are mostly used in these irons.

The clubhead also provides you with a smooth and optimal ball flight that doesn’t lack in terms of control at all. However, tungsten energy core isn’t offered in these irons but they still perform pretty consistently and precisely.


  • Impressive ball flights
  • Optimum build quality
  • Best for low to mid handicap
  • With a Compact Head Size
  • A pretty attractive design


  • Forgiveness is not sufficient here

Best Callaway Irons For Mid Handicap | Frequently Asked Questions

Which is the most forgiving Callaway Iron?

This list covers Callaway Irons for Mid Handicap golfers meaning that you will be getting irons that are already packed with forgiveness. So, all these irons do offer interesting forgiveness. However, Callaway Big Bertha B21 is loaded with a lot of forgiveness which is the highest amongst the other ones on the list.

Which one is the best Callaway for Mid Handicappers?

Honestly speaking; Callaway’s Apex is the best one for mid handicappers in terms of forgiveness, speed, and a bit of accuracy. However, this one is offered in a cavity back club head, and not every golfer has the same taste. Some prefer forged irons as they are pretty balanced and provide reasonable precision & a luxurious launch. So, we would recommend Big Bertha & Mavrik.

Wrapping Up

If you want to improve your golf skills as soon as you could; it is better to start with upgrading your golf irons. Mid handicap irons are ideal for you to grab in that case, but they should also be the perfect ones. Otherwise, you will have to regret it. Thankfully, we have got you with the Best Callaway Irons For Mid Handicap.

Callaway irons are great in terms of stability, performance as well as forgiveness that is a great need for a mid handicapper. All these iron on this list are packed with enhanced stability and their clubheads are also forged ones.

Not only are they optimal in performance and ideal for improving your game; they are also reasonably great in terms of their price. If you are on a short budget; the best is to opt for Callaway Men’s X2 Hot Individual that comes for under 100 bucks. Otherwise, the rest of the other options are a great bang for your bucks.

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