Best Taylormade Irons for Mid Handicap in 2022

Are you a mid handicap golfer looking for the best golf irons? If so, then you’ve come to the right place. We have all of the information that you need about what makes a great set of golf clubs and how to choose them. This list is meant to provide you with the best taylormade irons for mid handicap golfers.

For golfers with high to mid handicap scores, there are mainly two things that matter when choosing the next set of irons. The first is distance control as it was always supposed to be there. If you can hit longer shots without sacrificing precision and accuracy, then you are more likely to improve. 

On the other hand, the second thing is forgiveness that matters a lot. if your club doesn’t make any mistakes, then neither will you! However, if your hands are not yet mature, your irons will ruin your game no matter how good they are. 

Without both these things, you will be having nothing but wasting your time on the course. So, you should opt for the best taylormade irons for mid handicap to improve your skills and lower your scores.

We know what you are thinking now as you have come to this blog. You want to find the best taylormade irons for mid handicappers in this competitive and loaded market. You might also worried as you don’t want to fall into a trap by picking up the wrong iron or a replica.

So You don’t need to worry anymore as we know exactly which taylormade offers both forgiveness, distance control, and several other features. So keep reading on until you get to know which is the perfect match for your hands and budget.

Best Taylormade Irons for Mid Handicap At A Glance

Overall Best TaylorMade Iron
TaylorMade Golf M2 Iron Set
TaylorMade Golf M2 Iron Set
  • Benefits: High quality & balanced shaft, Compact & a lightweight clubhead, An exceptional speed & consistency, A complete set for mid handicappers
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An Impressive ball speed
TaylorMade SIM MAX Irons
TaylorMade SIM MAX Irons
  • Benefits: Consistency & precision, Forgiving & optimal flight, An Enhanced sweet spot, With a robust build quality
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Enhanced Sweet Spot
TaylorMade Men's R15 Fairway Wood
TaylorMade Men’s R15 Fairway Wood
  • Benefits: Bulky and durable iron, Low spin & high speed, Improved consistency, Precision & forgiveness
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For frequent & strategic players
TaylorMade P770 Iron Set
TaylorMade P770 Iron Set
  • Benefits: Pretty Forgiving irons, An improved launch, Gives a better speed, Optimal build quality
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Best for Ladies Golfers
TaylorMade M2 Set
TaylorMade M2 Set
  • Benefits: Smooth & Rapid Deliveries, Consistent & Accurate shots, With a Durable build quality, TM’s Speed pocket technology
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Best Taylormade Irons for Mid Handicap | Our Best Picks & Review

1. TaylorMade Golf M2 Iron Set

TaylorMade Golf M2 Iron Set Best Taylormade Irons for Mid Handicap in 2022

Let’s make an opening with an M2 iron set which is considered the best seller of the Mid Handicap category. TaylorMade has launched this family back in 2019 and it only comes for left-hand golfers. So, if you are a left-hander, this is going to be the best deal of all time. However, right-handers should continue to the next one.

TaylorMade has integrated a steel shaft into this masterpiece that provides perfect control, especially for distant shots. It also helps in making a significantly improved arc that lets you hit as far as 250 yards. This is massive!

This weapon specifically comes in a stiff flex at the moment. Such shafts are ideal for golfers with some established skill and launch skills. Now, if you aren’t sure about that, you may have to practice a little bit to get used to it.

These irons are meant to provide you with a smooth yet rapid response when it comes to hitting further. The irons are great as they provide you with a decent sweet spot. But this also needs some practice as this guy doesn’t focus on forgiveness pretty much. Rest, the irons perform pretty impressively.

The club features a compact clubhead that makes your games pretty maneuverable. Their low heightened profile improves speed and TaylorMade calls it Speed pocket. This is pretty helpful to deploy a higher launch immediately.

Moreover, the clubhead is a bit lightweight but TaylorMade has successfully taken control of it by offsetting the center of gravity a little. This is also proven to provide consistency while that is more than enough to help to improve your skills.


  • High quality & balanced shaft
  • Compact & a lightweight clubhead
  • An exceptional speed & consistency
  • A complete set for mid handicappers


  • Finishing quality could be better

2. TaylorMade SIM MAX Irons

TaylorMade SIM MAX Irons Best Taylormade Irons for Mid Handicap in 2022

SIM Max irons will automatically come when talking about TaylorMade irons. These irons got launched back in 2019. And these irons are comparatively bulkier than the previous one of the list, but you do get a lot of surprising things here.

First of all, if you are a right-hander and you skipped out the M2 iron with right-hand orientation, this is your match in that case. These irons are offered both with right and left hands and you can select your ideal match as per your needs.

Alongside, these irons are offered both in graphite and steel shafts. You can always select as per your needs. If you are looking for durability and control both at the same time, a Steel shaft is your thing. However, graphite is a good option if you need balance, and ease in parallel.

Here, you will get all standard flex from senior to stiff as well as the regular one. TaylorMade integrates a so-called speed bridge that helps optimize deliveries. This ensures distance and forgiveness both at the same time. The click sound is more impressive here as TaylorMade has nicely optimized the clubhead.

The steel shaft is more practical for every aspect. If you are an aggressive player who tends to hit strongly, your iron should be durable enough to bear the vibration. Thanks to its steel shaft that makes it possible without sacrificing build.

These irons are technically optimized to bring forgiveness along with speed in parallel. The loft is also pretty optimal here and it is meant to hit the furthest target without compromising accuracy even at low height.

Last but not the least, TaylorMade’s Progressive Inverted Cone Technology is playing its part to ensure a decent sweet spot in addition to forgiveness. It also lowers the side spin in case of mishits and also provides a straight ball flight.


  • Consistency & precision
  • Forgiving & optimal flight
  • An Enhanced sweet spot
  • With a robust build quality


  • Echo Damping should be clear

3. TaylorMade Men’s R15 Fairway Wood

TaylorMade Men's R15 Fairway Wood Best Taylormade Irons for Mid Handicap in 2022

Going deeper into the list of the best TaylorMade irons for mid handicap and you have now got their fairway wood. They launched these irons back in 2015 and you will find them considerably lightweight out of the box. Just like the TaylorMade’s M2 right on top of the list, they are also meant for left-handers only.

Here, this iron features a graphite shaft that makes it lightweight even more. The flex is stiff here and it is a good deal for relatively experienced players rather than first-time players. Let’s dive deeper into the irons themselves.

TaylorMade’s R15 fairway is considered an adjustable club due to its adjustment as per the strikes. Now, It doesn’t magically adjust but it depends on your skills, how well you respond to the shots!

This guy is packed with a speed pocket technology that is getting popular nowadays. These irons are supposed to provide a lower spin rate and a high speed launch. Meanwhile, the sweet spot also matters and it is fair enough here.

Additionally, these irons are packed with a 15° loft that provides you with significantly improved deliveries. With these irons, your launches will be consistent and rapid. The iron features an oversized yet convenient clubhead by the way.


  • Bulky and durable iron
  • Low spin & high speed
  • Improved consistency
  • Precision & forgiveness


  • Not for wide coverage (yards)

4. TaylorMade P770 Iron Set

TaylorMade P770 Iron Set Best Taylormade Irons for Mid Handicap in 2022

Expanding the list even more and we have now got you with TaylorMade’s P770. These irons got launched back in 2020 and they aren’t offered for left-hand golfers. You will get a steel shaft in these irons & that’s more than enough.

You will get a compact clubhead in these irons that further provides a low offset as compared to the size. The irons feature a short blade length but the shaft is still pretty ample for a regular golfer.

P770 irons are designed in a hollow body or cavity construction that lowers the weight pretty much. They have got a compact face of forged quality and the steel body is enhancing its durability profile.

With these irons, you will surely get a balance between distance and forgiveness that is made possible through tungsten weightage addition. The speed foam is given to improve the feel of these irons & provide a fast & rapid launching.

The forgiveness is pretty much ample in these irons and you will be getting an above-average ball speed. Their lofts perform pretty well which improves accuracy and performance both at the same time.


  • Pretty Forgiving irons
  • An improved launch
  • Gives a better speed
  • Optimal build quality


  • Nothing to argue about

5. TaylorMade M2 Set

TaylorMade M2 Set Best Taylormade Irons for Mid Handicap in 2022

If you are a female passionate golfer, your clubs should also be dedicated to you specifically. Of course, there are a reasonable amount of irons available, but they are not necessarily meant for every golfer out there despite their quality. So, we had to analyze and grab the best possible option for our ladies golf enthusiasts.

The M2 irons are quite popular and senior ones of TaylorMade’s fleet. These irons are offered in a graphite shaft and this is specifically ideal for our aggressive players. You will get them only in right-hand orientation with the necessary flex for ladies. Plus, the set consists of 4, 5, and 6 irons accordingly.

TaylorMade has launched them back in 2017 that comes packed with their flagship speed pocket technology. The irons are nicely engineered which ensures durability along with performance as well.

If you want a complete package for distant shots, accuracy, consistency, speed, and balanced control, this is a must-go deal for you in this case. TaylorMade focuses on speed and consistency for these irons. You will get a decent sweet spot that lets you perfectly hit the target without messing with spin and consistency.

Besides all these things, you will be having at least a 22° loft that improves stability and speed while delivering the ball to a target. The offset isn’t pretty much ample but it bypasses the need of having one. Overall, the irons perform exceptionally the best for their price as it was supposed to be.

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  • Smooth & Rapid Deliveries
  • Consistent & Accurate shots
  • With a Durable build quality
  • TM’s Speed pocket technology


  • The shaft could be of steel

Best Taylormade Irons for Mid Handicap| Frequently Asked Questions

Are TaylorMade irons good?

If you’re a passionate Golfer and looking for decent golf irons that will help you improve your game without breaking your Peggy, look no further than TaylorMade. These irons are now popular due to advanced manufacturing that now provides an optimal ball speed to ensure a distant coverage.

With their impressive pricing and satisfying performance, you won’t get disappointed. The accuracy you got and the launch experience it provides, are exceptional at least for the price. Their attractive design makes them eye-catching and your mates will be jealous. Plus, you will have a balanced spin & easier shots.

Which TaylorMade iron is best for Mid Handicappers?

Basically, the answer to this part totally depends on your requirements and expectations. If you want to achieve better speed and control over the ball, the  M2 Irons are your cup of tea. It provides a balanced spin due to the engineered face. The launch experience is exceptional with this set of irons.

Wrapping Up the Best Taylormade Irons for Mid Handicap

Golf iron manufacturers design their irons specifically for golfers with different skill levels in terms of handicaps. A person with a low handicap can never feel happy with the high handicap irons. So, picking the right iron is a crucial thing.

Golfers with mid handicap always want to improve their game so they can feel the taste of real golf. If you are the one who tries to improve but fails, you must be doing something wrong. No, we aren’t judging your skill as the problem could be something else. In most cases, this is your iron that needs to be improved.

The best possible option is to change your existing irons and replace them with taylormade irons for mid handicap specifically. Now, you will be asking What are the best taylormade irons for mid handicap? So, don’t worry as this list covers the 05 best irons after filtering them from tens of given options out there.

Taylormade has been popular for making forgiving irons as this is a need for mid handicappers. Just give this guide a skimmed look and you will have your ideal match. Don’t forget to check SIM Max & P770 to feel the taste of Golf!

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