Best Golf Clubs For 20 Handicap Buying Guide

Golf is an interesting and strategic game especially for advanced and expert players which is no doubt. But, it should be easier for beginners to intermediate sorts of golfers who are just learning or trying to improve their skills out there. To make it maneuverable for golfers, they need to update their clubs as this is the first step.

If you want to pick the right clubs for your level, make sure that your clubs are encrypted with a durable shaft and added forgiveness. Especially, if you are a golfer with 20 handicaps, you should specifically try getting Best Golf Clubs For 20 Handicap. So, you can quickly get used to them and save your time on the court.

You are likely to break 90 with these matching irons, but it may not be possible with other clubs even though the distance and target remain the same. A 20 handicap is considered for average golfers who are trying to improve.

These irons are best for improving par, consistency, accuracy, coverage, and launch as well. If these things get improved, the speed will automatically improve which would eventually lead your ball to get closer to the hole. You no longer need to waste days and days to improve your scoreboard just a little.

So let’s boost your confidence by exploring the best golf clubs for 20 handicaps while sitting on your couch!

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Best Golf Clubs For 20 Handicap At A Glance

Overall Best Golf Club
Callaway Golf Mavrik Max Iron
Callaway Golf Mavrik Max Iron
  • Benefits: Best clubs for game improvement, Forgiving and durable golf clubs, Optimized sweet spot & spin, Durable & extraordinary club head, A High Quality steel & graphite shaft
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Optimized build & forgiveness
TaylorMade M4 Iron Set
TaylorMade M4 Iron Set
  • Benefits: Sophisticated Launch Experience, Consistency & smooth arc clubs, Added forgiveness & standard flex, High build quality & optimized shaft
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Consistency and decent speed
Callaway Golf Men's Rogue X Clubs
Callaway Golf Men’s Rogue X Clubs
  • Benefits: An improved club head, Optimal launch control, For a Distant coverage, A Durable build quality
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Improved distance & cavity head
Cleveland Launcher UHX Utility Club
Cleveland Launcher UHX Utility Club
  • Benefits: FOrgiving and lightweight, Optimal launch & speed, For a very reasonable price, Best for casual & average golfers
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For smooth launch and coverage
TaylorMade P790 Men's Iron Set
TaylorMade P790 Men’s Iron Set
  • Benefits: Elegant design & durable build, Best for senior & skilled golfers, Provides a pretty smooth launch, Added consistency and precision, Optimized shafts & a decent grip
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Best Golf Clubs For 20 Handicap | Our Best Picks & Review

1. Callaway Golf Mavrik Max Iron

Callaway Golf Mavrik Max Iron Best Golf Clubs For 20 Handicap Buying Guide

Let’s start this guide with the Callaway irons that debuts the list with its flagship Mavrik max irons. Callaway has launched these irons back in 2019 and since then they have earned a heart whelming response from golfers all across the country. This guy comes in a mighty body that feels so decent when holding it.

These irons are offered for left and right-hand golfers and this also comes with various models in terms of irons type. This may include 04, 05, 06, 07, 08, and 09 irons that enhance your preferences pretty much. Moreover, you have also got a choice in the shaft as this comes both in graphite and steel build as well.

Mavrik is ideally the best production by Callaway in almost every regard. Callaway is using Artificial intelligence to form these mighty clubs for beloved golfers. As a result, they have improved and integrated 360 face cups into this set.

Mavrik max comes with an oversized club head that features a blade construction instead of a cavity back design. With this addition, the clubhead becomes outstanding and becomes durable which reflects while hitting the golf ball.

As compared to some other clubs, this one specifically comes with additional weight packed inside its clubhead once again. Now, this is meant to enhance your launch experience by getting a decent precision right out of the box.

The loft is also pretty lower that helps in maneuvering forgiveness along with speed in parallel. You no longer need to worry about spin, as this clubhead comes with an optimized sweet spot that doesn’t let the ball spin as such.


  • Best clubs for game improvement
  • Forgiving and durable golf clubs
  • Optimized sweet spot & spin
  • Durable & extraordinary club head
  • A High Quality steel & graphite shaft


  • Nothing to challenge at this point

2. TaylorMade M4 Iron Set

TaylorMade M4 Iron Set Best Golf Clubs For 20 Handicap Buying Guide

TaylorMade is the runner-up for this guide and you will be loving their honorable M4 iron set. These irons got launched back in 2018 and they have also been quite successful throughout their history. The irons are pretty much similar to Mavrik of Callaway, however, is one thing to argue; this is only available for right hand golfers. So, if you are a left-hander, skip this out and move to the next one on this list.

This is a complete iron set that is offered at a pretty reasonable price. You have got both steel & graphite shafts. If you want durability, longevity along with a vibration free iron, the steel version is good for you. However, if you want a lightweight & maneuverable feel in these irons, it is better to pick a graphite shaft.

TaylorMade has integrated their so-called Geocoustic technology to form these irons. According to Taylormade, these irons feature optimized weight without overloading their club head. Still, they provide an impressive range of forgiveness.

The shaft comes with a standard length that is more than enough for an average golfer. This further comes with TM’s Pocket technology that maneuvers the clubs by assisting you in achieving the best speed when launching. So, you can expect a perfect balance between forgiveness and speed.

Alongside, you will get regular and stiff flex versions as well. With this thing, you can now pick the right club as per your style and skill level. If you are a casual golfer, regular stiff is a good deal. Stiff flex is ideal for relatively aggressive players.

With their 360 Undercut, almost all these irons now get a decent offset in their center of gravity. That being said, the club features consistency and improves launching as well. Thanks to its mighty arc to make things so smooth.


  • Sophisticated Launch Experience
  • Consistency & smooth arc clubs
  • Added forgiveness & standard flex
  • High build quality & optimized shaft


  • Distance isn’t so interesting here

3. Callaway Golf Men’s Rogue X Clubs

 Callaway Golf Men's Rogue X Clubs Best Golf Clubs For 20 Handicap Buying Guide

Callaway is right at the center of this guide to the best golf clubs for 20 handicap. This is going to be the last Callaway of this list and it was launched back in 2018 that features a nice yet lightweight body out of the box. As usual, Callaway has launched both for left and right golfers.

This is the exclusive club that only comes in the graphite version for its shaft. Callaway never compromises on quality and this is why you still get a 360 face cup that is meant to optimize the overall launches with consistency as well.

With this iron, you can expect a decent and responsive speed coverage that is more than enough to cover up to 200 square yards. However, you being a mid to high handicapper should focus on consistency and forgiveness.

Callaway integrates a hybrid design in its club head that looks and performs impressively. You will be finding it pretty easy for launching as it is very much responsive to provide optimal control along with a decent flight.

Along with consistency and a maneuverable speed, these irons also feature sophisticated coverage as we have already mentioned. Moreover, the accuracy is also pretty decent due to an optimized sweet spot. However, there is still some room left for improvement. If this gets done, this set could be the next Mavrik.

Though the clubhead isn’t oversized, it’s still pretty much durable and optimized. This could be evaluated through the sound it produces when hitting the ball. However, you will notice some vibration due to its graphite shaft.

As per your ideal flex, the flight range may vary. The irons provide a decent loft for optimizing the game even more. Moreover, the irons are also optimized to deal with excessive spins as this is a common dilemma for hybrid sort of club heads.


  • An improved club head
  • Optimal launch control
  • For a Distant coverage
  • A Durable build quality


  • Steel shaft would be better

4. Cleveland Launcher UHX Utility Club

Cleveland Launcher UHX Utility Club Best Golf Clubs For 20 Handicap Buying Guide

Cleveland officially for the first but for the last time on this list with its utility club. With the launch year of 2019, the club becomes pretty engaging when considering its reasonable price. Though this club is yet to succeed, still the price and performance are outstanding. The weight is also improved and optimized.

This club is offered for both hands so if you are a left hand golfer, this is still a good choice. Now, this isn’t an exceptional club either, but it is a good selection for improving and practicing golfers. One limitation is its graphite shaft as it couldn’t be possible with a steel shaft for the price.

You will get these irons just in regular and stiff flex which makes it a good choice both for aggressive and regular players. Of course, you will have to get used to it as soon as possible. The shaft is nicely designed and it comes with a standard size which is more than enough for average golfers.

UHX launcher is officially the only club on the list that comes with a cavity back design. This hollow construction lowers the overall weight of the clubs and makes it maneuverable for average golfers to hit furthest. The cavity head is redesigned and provides a good touch to your game that makes them ideal for improvement.

The speed is also quite decent for the price and overall profile of the clubs. But, it could be even better for mid handicappers. You can consider it as a short term choice as you won’t be limiting yourself in coverage after getting improved.


  • FOrgiving and lightweight
  • Optimal launch & speed
  • For a very reasonable price
  • Best for casual & average golfers


  • Shaft & forgiveness could be even better

5. TaylorMade P790 Men’s Iron Set

TaylorMade P790 Men's Iron Set Best Golf Clubs For 20 Handicap Buying Guide

So, TaylorMade with its P790 irons set is going to be the very last option for 20 handicap golf clubs. These irons got launched back in 2017 making them senior-most irons in terms of age, but they aren’t so popular as compared to other ones. If you have a good budget to invest in, this is your cup of tea only in that case.

These irons come for both hand users and you will also get a steel shaft along with a graphite option as well. The club comes packed with extra stiff and senior stiff as this isn’t meant for beginners for average golfers. If you are a pretty experienced golfer with a decent scoreboard, this is a good deal.

P790 is meant for mid and low handicappers with established skills. They are some of the most versatile clubs in the market due to an improved and forged construction. Though they are bulkier, they never compromise for the performance part. They look gorgeous with their neat and clean design.

It is a complete box for forgiveness, compactness, versatility, durability, and consistency. The forged club head is well organized and it is optimized for providing an optimal launch with a reasonable flight. The coverage is also adorable and lets the ball reach the target with a sophisticated speed.

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  • Elegant design & durable build
  • Best for senior & skilled golfers
  • Provides a pretty smooth launch
  • Added consistency and precision
  • Optimized shafts & a decent grip


  • Pretty Expensive for mid handicappers

Best Golf Clubs For 20 Handicap | Frequently Asked Questions

What irons are good for 20 handicappers?

With so many options out there in the market, it becomes hard for mid and high handicap golfers to pick their ideal clubs. To overcome this part, this list brings filtered and best options. If you want forgiveness and consistency, you should get them from TaylorMade M4 Iron Set or Callaway Golf Men’s Rogue X Clubs. For your accuracy and coverage needs, Cleveland Launcher UHX Utility Club and TaylorMade P790 Men’s Iron Set are the best ones.

Why choose these golf clubs?

Golfers with 20 handicaps are considered mid to high handicap golfers. They should focus on improving their game by picking the clubs with possibly the best forgiveness, speed consistency along accuracy. If you are looking for the same features for your clubs, all these clubs are going to fascinate you on the court!

Wrapping Up the Best Golf Clubs For 20 Handicap

Having the right gear for a sportsman is much equivalent to having the right tools for an engineer. If you are into golfing and want to improve your skills on the court, you need to pick the right clubs first.

If you are a mid to high handicap golfer, you are more likely to struggle to establish your game on the court. You are probably focusing on distance and speed as a priority, but forgiveness should be your goal at this stage.

Golfers with 20 handicaps need to opt for forgiving yet accurate clubs so they can get used to them. If you aren’t good at teeing or you are having a high par, your hands need to be settled first. So, Golf clubs for 20 handicaps are your ideal mate.

In this guide, we have covered some of the best golf clubs for 20 handicaps. The forgiveness is likely to be the same in almost all clubs, but it sometimes totally depends on the golfer. All these mentioned clubs also offer distant coverage with speed and accuracy. Also, you will find them at a very optimistic budget.

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