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Golf is the first love of every passionate golfer no matter what skill level they have. And why wouldn’t it be? They enjoy the joyful experience, the physical fitness, great skill, and a couple of other benefits that golf offers. These bells and whistles make you fall in love with golf. But it obviously needs to be practiced correctly!

Most people assume that golf is an individual playing sport that only a single player can play at a time. Though it is some sort of truth they aren’t aware that Golf can also be played in a set of players or teams. There are multiple formats and the best ball golf is also a popular format.

If you have been playing golf for a couple of months or if you have recently come to know about this term, there would be a lot of questions in your mind. In fact, some experienced and advanced players also tend to be confused with this golf format which is baseless as this thing is pretty simple with a little bit of difference.

Anyways, if you are also one out of those golfers who got confused with the best ball golf, you should worry not as this guide is specifically meant for you! Just stay tuned and keep skimming this article to get aware of it and start having fun.

What is Best Ball Golf?

What is Best Ball Golf

First, you should understand the concept behind this term so more than half of your confusion will burst. Best ball is a golf format that is designed to collaborate, golfers of any skill level in a team so they can learn and enjoy in a better way.

In this format, beginner, advanced and expert golfers can form a team against their rivals. And this team could consist of at least 02 or up to 04 golfers. For beginners and casuals, this event is pretty joyful to play in a team and learn new things by observing their workspace and colleagues.

This is an easy and less complicated format that you can easily get used to. In fact, if you found it joyful at your very first time experience, you will always be willing to play just in this format as it is a complete package of fun and enhances your skills.

How to Play & Win the Best Ball Golf?

How to Play & Win the Best Ball Golf

To effectively play the game, you are first required to grab and play with the golfers of the same ability and logic so it would be great fun. However, you being an expert can also introduce your beginner friends to golf by having them on your team. Anyways, the handicap is also a criterion to be followed while forming your team. Because you also have to keep a record of scores and strikes.

Anyways, let’s move to the main point. This is a simple and quite straightforward concept that can be followed easily. The event will have teams composed of up to 04 golfers and they will be competing against the team in front of them.

You being a golfer represents and plays for a team. Here, all your buddies including you play the shots and count their score. The lowest score which is ever played by any of your team members. Will officially become the score for your whole team and will be displayed over the report.

The score count per hole is considered of a team. And the team with the lowest score will be the winner of that round and the same goes for the tournament. This best lowest score is the point where Best ball golf took its root. Now, if just two players have participated in a team, that format would be called better ball golf.

To make things easy to digest, let’s assume this example. You are playing the best ball tournament and your team consists of four golfers that are named golfer 1, 2, 3, and 4 respectively. Now, you start playing and your team plays holes like:

  • Player 01 completes the hole in 2
  • Player 02 completes the hole in 3
  • Player 03 completes the hole in 4
  • Player 04 completes the hole in 5

The score of player one is going to be counted and recorded as the best score of your whole team. Now, if any golfer of any team against you. Completes a hole in less than 02 strokes, that team would be the winner and otherwise yours.

Now, this isn’t the total perk of the game. There is something that we haven’t discussed yet and it could be the game-changer in some cases. We are talking about free strokes for handicap allowance that is given to every golfer according to his handicap. If you are 10 handicapped golfers, you would be awarded 10 extra shots throughout the game to use them in your most difficult holes on the course.

If you ever played scramble, you must be wondering what is the difference between scramble and the best ball golf. To keep the story short, both these formats are designed to allow less skilled golfers to participate and perform better.

Plus, the best ball is a fast format and a bit smoother than the scramble format.

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Wrapping Up

There are quite different methods to play golf and you can play golf both as a team member or as an individual. Best ball golf is the best format in which beginners and expert golfers come into a team and form the best strategies to win the game. A team of 02 to 04 golfers makes this an interesting golf format.

With this format, you will enhance your skills responsively and with speed. To make things balanced, this event also gives you an allowance as per your handicap score that you will be using to complete the most difficult holes in that game. Moreover, you will soon realize what golf equipment is ideal for your taste.

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