Best Irons For 10 Handicapper Ultimate Buying Guide in 2022

The Mid Handicap zone is the most appealing and practising one in the Golf Sport. This zone contains struggling and talented golfers who want to put in as much as possible to improve. We are fortunate to have you here on this Best Irons For 10 Handicap guide if you are a mid-handicapper. Kudos to you guys!

The mid handicappers are always willing to improve their par and overall scores to get them promoted to the next level. For that reason, you always love or try to hit as much straighter as you can, so you won’t miss the opportunity.

Out of this mid handicap range, our favourite is 10 handicap golfers as they have already put a lot of effort into improving. Now, they are pretty enough to be called excellent golfers. To compete nicely, you are still required to maintain and improve your consistency, accuracy, and speed in most cases.

Now, these things aren’t going to happen overnight, and you know this. To get it done slowly yet perfectly, it is time to grab the suitable Iron for 10 handicaps as they are pretty much dedicated to your skillset. These golf clubs are designed to enhance your putting, paring as well as chipping precision and consistency.

However, finding out some of the best irons for a 10 handicapper isn’t a cup of tea in this competitive sport. Not every set of clubs available would be best. It would be best if you got irons made after the latest technologies in terms of design.

You will have to consider a lot of factors if you are personally searching for it. However, not everyone has the same taste, and this is why we are here to let you find out the best irons for 10 handicappers. We aren’t going to explain everything here as it would be a waste of your time. So, let’s get into the list of the best irons, where we will also look at some of these things.

Best Irons For 10 Handicapper At A Glance

Overall Best Golf Wedge for 10 Handicap
Cleveland Golf Wedge CBX 2
Cleveland Golf Wedge CBX 2
  • Benefits: Optimized game improvement club, Forgiving and balanced golf wedge, With a Vibration resistant steel shaft, Smooth game control & a decent spin
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The Consistent & Durable Wedge
Callaway Mack Daddy 5 JAWS Wedge
Callaway Mack Daddy 5 JAWS Wedge
  • Benefits: A Maneuverable & Consistent Wedge, For an Impactful & accurate targeting, Durable build quality & balanced club, Excellent clubs for 10 handicap golfers
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The perfect & Complete Iron Set
TaylorMade Golf P790 Iron Set
TaylorMade Golf P790 Iron Set
  • Benefits: Decent build & performance, A Maneuverable balance & ease, For a smooth playing experience, An Outstanding consistency
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Most adorable & performing club
Mizuno T20 Golf Wedge
Mizuno T20 Golf Wedge
  • Benefits: Impactful & performing clubhead, Forgiving and appealing wedge, The Maneuverable build quality, An Optimal launch experience
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The all-rounder golf irons set
Callaway Golf Apex Irons Set
Callaway Golf Apex Irons Set
  • Benefits: For a consistent & smooth launch, Lucrative spin & a distant coverage, Simple design with a durable build, With a Forged yet balanced clubhead
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Best Irons For 10 Handicapper | Our Best Picks & Review

1. Cleveland Golf Wedge CBX 2

Cleveland Golf Wedge CBX 2 Best Irons For 10 Handicapper

So, let’s start this list with Cleveland’s golf clubs that you should never skip. They launched this guy back in 2019, and it comes in a relatively bulkier weight. Alongside, you will get it in both hand orientation which is a great option to see.

Cleveland makes this club in a hollow back design that plays a crucial part to make it well-balanced for mid handicappers. This is why we don’t recommend it in High Handicap Golf clubs. Anyways, Cleveland nicely distributes the weightage here, so you will be finding it pretty handy.

Along with that, Cleveland uses an optimized dynamic sole grind responsible for providing you with a versatile touch right out of the box. Additionally, this club comes with an option of both steel and graphite shafts.

Both these shafts are a pretty handful and make it appealing. Likewise, if you prefer durability more than balancing, a steel shaft is an excellent deal for you. Otherwise, the graphite shaft is pretty much all-rounder. However, the steel shaft provides a decent vibration resistance to play powerful and impressive strokes.

Exploring its clubhead is quite an improved and impressive one. Cleveland introduces a Rote face technology here that provides a blade sort of touch to you. With this rote facing clubhead, you will have the sharpest yet smooth grooves that make a pretty compelling grip on the ball.

CBX 2 is nicely designed and incorporated for aggressive golfers who want to pick every single shot. You will be experiencing decent stability along with a maneuverable spin. Moreover, the forgiveness factor is also sufficient for a mid handicap golfer. With its optimized loft, distant coverage is also possible.


  • Optimized game improvement club
  • Forgiving and balanced golf wedge
  • With a Vibration resistant steel shaft
  • Smooth game control & a decent spin


  • The Design could be more decent

2. Callaway Mack Daddy 5 JAWS Wedge | Best Irons For 10 Handicap

Callaway Mack Daddy 5 JAWS Wedge Best Irons For 10 Handicapper

Callaway is the runner-up with its unique wedge for mid handicappers. With the launch date of 2019 and a weight of almost half a kilo, you will find it pretty much optimized even for beginners as well. Just like the previous club, it also provides orientation for both left and right-hand golfers.

Believe us or not, this guy features the most straightforward yet stunning design that appeals a lot. On top of this, you will get both graphite and carbon steel shafts which provide you with a great feel. Meanwhile, it is an easy to play wedge that is ideal for mid and low handicap golfers.

Here, you will get a compact clubhead instead of a big club that provides you with a controllable experience. You will get an excellent sweet spot, so you will never miss out on any shot. Of course, you have also got sophisticated forgiveness.

The beauty of Callaway’s wedge series lies in their lower bounces that lead you to gain a boost in speed to meet a further target quickly. Its lower grind and an offset for its centre of gravity made it quite appealing.

With their wider yet impactful grooves, you will be having maneuverable ball control along with a decent spin rate in addition to this. Additionally, this optimized club head provides you with admirable precision.

Though these wedges are not exclusively designed to grab the hole at a distant target, Mack Daddy still provides good coverage for the price. You can now easily hit the spot of slightly more than 100 yards. Of course, you will have to work out your consistency in order to target your hole accurately.


  • A Maneuverable & Consistent Wedge
  • For an Impactful & accurate targeting
  • Durable build quality & balanced club
  • Excellent clubs for 10 handicap golfers


  • Slightly expensive yet deserving clubs

3. TaylorMade Golf P790 Iron Set

 TaylorMade Golf P790 Iron Set Best Irons For 10 Handicapper

TaylorMade isn’t just a brand; and it is a feeling for every golfer, and the same goes for you as well. If you have been waiting for TaylorMade Iron for 10 handicappers, we have got you. Like the Mack Daddy of Callaway, this one is also a launch of 2019 that comes in a complete set of irons.

You will get a P790 family for both hand orientations as TaylorMade considers the preferences of all types of golfers. These irons are also offered in the cavity back design that optimizes and distributes the weight to form a balanced club set.

With the incorporation of SpeedFoam, TaylorMade has provided a decent advantage to its end-user. It features a tungsten incorporated clubhead for a beautiful playing experience out there at the golf course.

Along with this, Taylormade provides you with all standard flexes. With this irons set, you can choose from its stiff, regular and extra stiff flex as per your needs. If you have been an aggressive player, you should pick from a stiff or different stiffer version. While female and casual players should choose irons with the regular stiff.

With the added forgiveness, these irons become pretty progressive ones. However, it is not so much that could make or break your target. You will still need to put in your effort and skills so you can match your goal because this set isn’t dedicated to any sort of golfer category at all.


  • Decent build & performance
  • A Maneuverable balance & ease
  • For a smooth playing experience
  • An Outstanding consistency


  • Make sure its a complete set

4. Mizuno T20 Golf Wedge | Best Irons For 10 Handicap

 Mizuno T20 Golf Wedge Best Irons For 10 Handicapper

Mizuno is on the list with its exclusive wedge that is known as T20. It is a relatively newer launch, but it has successfully earned a decent reputation across the golfers. With a weight of almost 500 grams, this guy gives you a great feel & support. Plus, its extensive build quality also makes things pretty impressive.

With the right and left-hand orientation along with blue and chrome colours, Mizuno takes care of your preferences in this wedge. In parallel to this, you will get this wedge both in steel and graphite shaft.

With these shafts, you will have a durability and balancing feel that ultimately enhances your overall golf experience. Likewise, you will also be getting all the necessary lofts and flex that reflects their performance out there.

Mizuno integrates a compact clubhead in these irons, further responsible for providing a consistent ball flight with an optimal launch experience. Though this clubhead doesn’t come with any offset in terms of centre of gravity, you will still find it maneuverable and stable.

This later provides you with a smooth spin that makes a perfect match with its stability. Alongside, you will also be enjoying some forgiveness that lets you play every shot that hits the sweet spot of its club head.

Overall, this wedge iron by Mizuno is packed with good forgiveness, maneuverable support, and consistency. All these things of this game improvement wedge enhance your experience & provide lucrative confidence.


  • Impactful & performing clubhead
  • Forgiving and appealing wedge
  • The Maneuverable build quality
  • An Optimal launch experience


  • Not for longer distant coverage

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5. Callaway Golf Apex Irons Set

Callaway Golf Apex Irons Set

Winding up the list of best irons for 10 handicappers with Callaway’s iron set. Callaway launched this set back in 2018 at Amazon, whereas it owns a history of more than 05 years in actuality. It comes in a family of seven with a total package weight of 09 pounds, almost if no more than that.

If you have a limited or mid-range budget and are looking to get a complete set of irons, you should never skip this out. With the left and proper orientation along with a simple yet beautiful design, all these guys look and feel impressive.

Here, you won’t get it in a chromic colour as Callaway only offers this one for a grey sort of alloy steel colour. Callaway offers this set in standard flexes, and you can choose its stiff, extra stiff and light flex. The light flex is dedicated to women golfers. The rest of the two is the best option for aggressive golfers.

These are the only forged irons on this list that come with pretty durable build quality. This set is meant for distant coverage, supported by a soft and luxurious grip that enhances your performance even more by making it joyful.

Moreover, these irons are packed with Mizuno’s flagship 360 face cup clubhead. With this thing, you will get a decent ball speed incorporated with good consistency. If you are an aggressive golfer, these irons are ideally one of the best options for you due to their improved spin control.

The clubhead comes with a tiny, slight yet effective offset for its center of gravity. This way, you will be enjoying a lucrative ball flight that would help you hit at a consistent speed to meet that target hole.


  • For a consistent & smooth launch
  • Lucrative spin & a distant coverage
  • Simple design with a durable build
  • With a Forged yet balanced clubhead


  • Nothing here to complain about

Best Irons For 10 Handicapper | Frequently Asked Questions

What are the best Irons for 10 handicap golfers?

There are a lot of clubs that you can consider for 10 handicap golfers, but not everyone provides you with a satisfactory and expected performance except for a few ones. This list covers some out of those clubs. Suppose you require consistency and speed deliveries. In that case, you should consider Callaway Mack Daddy 5. For balanced, forgiving, yet performing irons, TaylorMade Golf P790 is a good match for you.

Should a 10 Handicap play blades?

Let’s elaborate on this query so you can get our detailed verdict on it. As per the expert suggestions, any golfer can play blades as you do; this isn’t limited to any specific category of golfers. Being a 10 handicap golfer, you are likely to enjoy blades. However, you might need to practice its swing. If you can elevate the ball nicely, you are good to go. Otherwise, practising is always an option.

Wrapping Up the Best Irons For 10 Handicapper

A golfer’s ability to play isn’t the whole criteria for a golfer unless he has the right gear and the perfect clubs as per his needs or skills. A low handicapper playing with high handicap clubs will never make him a genuinely improving golfer. So, you should never invest in a random club present out there in the market.

To make and enjoy possibly the best shots, you might have to struggle in order to get a perfect match. Your goal with the best irons for 10 handicapper should be to hit straighter and more robust with decent accuracy and maneuverable consistency.

Along with these factors, you should also consider the forgiveness, durability, and speed of your clubs to stand out better on the course. In any case, you should avoid professional and expert golf clubs at this stage.

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