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Everybody on the golf course wants to lower their scores and increase their confidence to do golf correctly. If you are one out of those looking to improve your game, you must have known about the plethora of golf shots. Everyone should be optimal, if not perfect, but the Chipping should always be excellent to get the most potential out of your game.

Chip is some of the most essential and strategic shots a golfer may have out there on the golf course. So, it would be best if you had a strategic technique to play this strategic shot nicely. If this goes fine, you will be proud as you will have lower scores and little to no mistakes, which is a dream of every golfer.

Usually, people on the course don’t care how to chip in golf, assuming it would be pretty easy. However, it is simple for advanced and pro golfers, not for beginners or casual ones. You must have probably seen an advanced golfer chipping if you have recently started playing golf.

You can see how easy yet professional that guy chips, but it isn’t everyone’s cup of tea. If you have ever tried to chip in that way, you must have failed. But, it’s okay, and this is not a big deal as you will learn in the same way. So, to tackle this thing, we’ve crafted this guide on how to chip in golf so you can love it.

What is a Chip In Golf?

Before diving into its details, you first need to know what is a chip in golf. In the chip, you play a shot, and the golf ball equally gets higher into the air that also travels a distance to make it fruitful. Also, a chip is more on the forgiving side. If it goes fine, you will likely get your ball closer to the hole.

However, it may need intense practice as it is not pretty simple as it may sound. The chip is less on the swing side as it requires an excellent position, and it is also a short shot in terms of coverage. Of course, this also depends on your style and habit. Overall this shot is comparatively easy to navigate, but perfection is needed.

How to Chip in Golf Like A Pro

So, here comes the main deal. Chipping like a pro needs exceptional practice after following this (or any) method. It is neither complicated nor simple, but we have tried our best to make this easy to digest in a step-by-step procedure. So, let’s take a detailed look into that.

Your Posture & Club Matters:

Your Posture & Club Matters

It may sound a bit weird, but it is the truth. Your position or a specific posture makes a perfect compliment, along with the clubs you got to let you chip the ball nicely. The best is to lower your back and hang your arms below the shoulders. If you are on an irregular surface, you need to hang your arms as per shoulders.

Whatever posture you like as per your style, make sure whether you would chip consistently or not? If it goes fine, it’s perfect. But, if it doesn’t readjust your posture. A good posture will also provide you with a good spin. With the posture mentioned above, you need smaller motions to play your strokes.

Also, make sure you got the matching set of irons as per your handicap and skillset. Without the right clubs in your hands, you would face maneuverability issues that would affect your consistency and precision.

Demonstrate & Adjust your Shot:

Every golfer has a different taste, so they golf as per their style. But for chipping, you need to follow a specific set of steps to get it done correctly. If you want to take a proper and consistent shot out of it, you need to make sure you are hitting the ball down so it would ultimately go upwards due to a grassy surface.

The best is to create an isosceles triangle of your shoulders and arms, picking the clubs. After that, move both your hands to lift the ball in the air completing the stroke. The motion should be consistent so the ball. If you’ve set a distant shot, the size of your shot would be different from a comparatively nearby target.

Practice makes one perfect:

Practice makes one perfect How to Chip in Golf

As simple as that, there is no substitute to practice if you want to get it mastered as soon as possible. Try to maintain a posture for a couple of your shots and see how it progresses. If it’s significantly good, you are good to go; otherwise, you would have to test another posture depending upon your preferences.

Another thing you need to focus on; is trying to make solid contact as much as you can. It would be best to hit the ball directly instead of the bush so it would go straighter. Some people may think it isn’t needed for Chipping, but this isn’t the case. If you are a right-hand golfer, your right hand and arm should grip first and stay straighter. Likewise, the left hand would be straight for the left-hand golfers.

Wrapping Up

Initially, chipping out in golf may look simple, but it can be challenging for many. However, it is still essential if you are serious about lowering your scores and making yourself productive in golf. There could be many techniques around chipping out there, but you need to find which one works best for you.

In this guide on how to chip in golf like a pro, we have elaborated one or two techniques that you will love when practicing how to chip. With these basics on your mind, you will ultimately become a beast at it. Enjoy this guide and let us know what you think about it?

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