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Millions of people across the world play golf and most of these consist of mid-handicap golfers who are trying to improve their games out there on the golf course. If you are one out of those millions, you would always be in search of game improvement irons so you can break the deal and start playing better.

Fortunately or unfortunately, there are a couple of golf club brands that have been making clubs for a long time. However, the best golf irons are made just by a few brands and Taylormade is one of those lucky and honest brands. They keep adding new irons every year so you can always have a bundle of options left. However, today’s topic is Taylormade M6 Irons Review.

There has been a hot debate going on for a while about whether or not these M6 irons are worth it or not at this date? Although, it is a little bit of a senior club that has been playing in the market for a while. M6 is still a great game improvement set of irons and there is no doubt, especially considering its pricing and performance.

Taylormade M6 irons are designed for mid to high handicap players to provide them with reasonable forgiveness, optimal consistency, a sophisticated launch experience along a maneuverable and actionable grip as well. Alongside, there are a lot of things to be discussed. So, let’s dive into this Taylormade M6 irons review.

TaylorMade M6 Irons Review

Well, there is a bundle of things and points to be discussed but that would have created a mess in your mind. So, to make things simple, easy to understand, and to the point, we decided to split all these things into relevant sections so this guide would become informative and joyful at the same time! So Let’s get into it!

A Detailed Impression & Clubs Technology

A Detailed Impression & Clubs Technology

The outlook and presence of iron is the thing that makes it attractive whenever you get a new set of irons. Here we are going to take a look at its very first impression but it isn’t just the outlook but also how it feels in your hands when playing it for the very first time! To know this, just play a few casual shots and analyze how you feel with these guys. Taylormade irons obviously feel better when playing.

If you think that swing isn’t what you expected, you need to adjust your grip. The break-in period of some irons could also be a reason for not getting a full taste. Eventually, you will find them pretty good and compelling in your hands. These irons are playable for beginner and casual players and there is no doubt.

For its design sort of things, Taylormade integrates simplistic yet innovative design into its clubheads. This gives it quite a modified and contemporary grip so you can get a clear picture of it. Taylormade uses stainless and aluminum frames to compose its clubhead that comes loaded with TM‘s speed bridge technology.

Taylormade irons mostly stay successful in the market due to an innovative design language. These M6 irons feature a Speed bridge and Speed Pockets along with an inverted cone technology to provide better playability along with a decent consistency right out of the box. Speed bridge lowers the center of gravity and forms a lightweight clubhead. Meanwhile, the speed pocket gives a good speed.

Performance & Deliverance

Performance & Deliverance

Let’s take a detailed look at the performance part of these irons that will further let you decide whether or not you should pick these irons. First of all, the M6 of TaylorMade is a set of game improvement irons that is ideal for mid, high, and low handicap golfers. All these categories of golfers require forgiveness to excel in golf.

For this reason, they need to get a forgiving golf club set so they can deal with any kind of shot without missing it out. M6 itself is a forgiving set of clubs so you guys can perform better since your start with these clubs. Other than its forgiveness, the next thing to take a look at is its distance. HYBRAR is integrated to reduce the structural vibration to meet its stiffness and slightly better precision.

Luckily, this is a complete package of distance and speed due to the incorporation of speed pockets in the clubheads. These clubs provide a decent range of distance which is further supported by greater lofts to add some extra yards on the ball. You can expect a distance of over 150 yards but this needs expertise of course!

Along with the distance, you need a good speed and there is nothing to compromise in this department. Further, if you want to be a better golfer, you don’t just need to hit further. Instead, you need to hit further along with a good consistency that comes with precision. Along with a good trajectory due to its flight and optimal control, these irons perform better even in these parts as well.

Maneuverability & Usability

Maneuverability & Usability

As performance is already up to mark in these irons, the next thing to care about is the maneuverability of these irons so they would perform outstandingly in your hands. Here, the shaft and weightage play a key role. If you are an intermediate golfer, you can pick its steel shaft which is much more durable and resistive.

However, if you are on the casual or beginner side of golfers, a graphite shaft would be the best choice to go with. With these shafts, you will have reasonable control and balance over your games. These irons along with the preferred shafts make an impactful sound and impressive feedback upon striking them. The 360° undercut makes a perfect deal along with its center of gravity for a higher launch.

Along with this, M6 provides a good swing speed without compromising its ultimate performance at any point. Due to better feedback, you will always have an idea of the shot you played. All these things make M6 quite maneuverable and pretty easy to hit the set of golf clubs. Overall, you don’t need to struggle with these clubs. Plus, they are easy to maintain and you can simply wipe them out with a piece of cloth and their shine would be restored.

Pros & Cons of Taylormade M6 Irons


  • Provides a great distance coverage
  • Precise and easy to hit golf clubs
  • Improved design and lightweight
  • Good maneuverability & control
  • An impressive ball flight & launch
  • Consistent and straight golf clubs
  • A good value to money set of clubs


  • A bit lengthier shafts for beginners
  • The new stock is limited sometimes
  • Performance is almost similar to M5

Wrapping Up TaylorMade M6 Irons Review

Passionate Golfers always prefer quality irons for their career rather than picking cheap or ordinary clubs as they don’t want to get into the mess of replacing their irons every second month. For that reason, they opt for the best brands of golf clubs and Taylormade is always on top of their list. However, TM’s fleet is also very detailed so we decided to get our hands on the review of Taylormade M6 irons.

This is a game improvement irons set meant for mid to high handicappers and struggling golfers. With its packed forgiveness, you will sooner get rid of mishits. M6’s innovative and compact cavity clubhead plays a key role in order to provide optimized shots along with a sophisticated trajectory and impressive distance coverage. The launching is much more impressive due to a lower center of gravity.

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