Graphite VS Steel Shafts | Which One Should You Get?

Many golfers pick their golf clubs based on their appearance and aesthetics which could be a contributing factor but not the decisive one. Many other things mainly include how you feel those irons in your hand so you would be clear about your control over it.

Now, we are not talking about forgiveness specifically, but the shaft as people get confused on graphite VS steel shafts, and this part is often neglected as well. Although it is an important part, there is no universal rule for that. Because every golfer has different skills and characteristics that makes it debatable.

However, taking a closer look at it will make you do better or worse swings as the shaft plays a key role in deciding your swings. So, picking up the right and optimized shaft matters a lot. For a long time, there has been a specific set of rules according to each golfer to let them pick the recommended grip and shaft.

If you are new to the sports of golf, you must take a detailed look at this guide where we will be discussing graphite VS steel shafts. You are not alone here as some experienced golfers also face issues when choosing between steel or graphite shafts. So, to take things to the moon, we will take a detailed look at it!

Graphite VS Steel Shafts | What is the difference?

To answer this query, you would have to take some initial pills! There can or can not be a lot of differences that you might not have even imagined. Currently, there are only graphite and steel shafts that are performing quite well. So, comparing them both can lead to hurting someone’s sentiment to some extent. But, we have to take both these boys to the comparison so everyone can have a better grip.

Steel Shaft | Best & Worst things

Steel Shaft | Best & Worst things

The steel shaft is commonly used by golfers of beginner, inter, and advanced skill set. Compared to graphite shafts, you will find steel shafts in the hands of most golfers. Of course, there would be something exceptional that would lead them to prefer steel shafts over the graphite ones. And, that is its durability.

Normally, steel shafts are considerably heavier yet pretty durable than a shaft made up of graphite and carbon fiber. Due to the incorporation of steel into it, the shafts become bulkier yet resistive at the same time. Now, there is not an exact range of weight as each brand has its parameters. But, you can expect them to be at least 2x heavier than a general graphite shaft.

When it comes to pricing, there could be a significant pricing difference when comparing club sets with iron and graphite shafts. Similarly, this also depends on the brand you opt for, but steel shafts are generally inexpensive as this one is easy to make and widely accessible as well. Steel shafts are so durable that you can expect them to last for decades if you can take care of them properly.

If you want better feedback with your irons at a better cost, you should take hands-on experience on the irons with the steel shafts. Now, if you don’t want your shaft to be bulkier but it must be of steel, there are a few clubs that feature a considerably lightweight steel shaft. TaylorMade SIM MAX could be a good deal.

With the steel shafts of bulky design, you would be experiencing a little bit of higher swing rate than the lightweight ones. Here, you can also opt for alloy steel shafts rather than stainless steel ones. Don’t worry, that won’t rust if you can manage to take care of them properly.

Having a hefty shaft in your hands, you would be feeling better control of your game as you have now got decent stability due to a weight-centered shaft. Steel shafts provide better stability compared to graphite shafts just due to a difference in their weight. So, weight can make a huge difference!

In parallel, steel shafts tend to communicate any vibration to your hands within or after having a launch or any power shot. This feeling could be impactful, so you can make a better come back in your next attempt as a vibration could sometimes lead to mishit if you are a beginner. For experts, this is not a big deal at all.

At the same time, a steel shaft could affect the coverage of your clubs in terms of distance due to vibration and weight as well. Most game improvement irons are better with the steel shafts. As they are much on the side of experienced and advanced golfers, steel would be a bit difficult for beginners and casual golfers.

Graphite Shaft | Best & Worst things

Graphite Shaft  Best & Worst things

Here comes the graphite shaft that is obviously lighter than any steel shaft and could be very beneficial for many beginners and experienced golfers as well. If you are just heading into the game of golf, we would recommend you to pick the graphite shaft just due to its lightweight design and beginner-friendliness.

However, graphite shafts are on an expensive side compared to a steel shaft irons set. But, if you want to get the most out of the forgiveness, graphite shafts would make a perfect compliment with the sweet spot of your cavity back irons. And yes, you will often find graphite shafts in the cavity back irons. Graphite shafts can also help you get possibly the best swing rate right out of the box.

Though steel shafts feature a decent control over your game, some specific irons and their graphite versions now provide an even better experience. However, this can be considered just an exception. But, you will get good comfort with graphite shaft irons. Optimized graphite shafts can provide good feedback and response.

This also gives graphite shafts an edge over the steel shafts due to less vibration effect when launching them. It would ultimately be a counter to your mistakes being a beginner golfer. If you want to experience a smooth launching experience and a higher ball flight in some cases, the graphite shafts could be a good choice.

Due to an easy to swing profile and better launches, you will experience a decent increase in speed as well as in distance. As they are lightweight, they are flexible and sometimes less rigid. This can sometimes affect your precision but it can easily be taken down. However, they aren’t very realistic and durable, unlike a steel shaft.

Wrapping Up | Graphite VS Steel Shafts

Still, you haven’t got your answer? It is okay!

If you want durability and an inexpensive shaft, you should pick graphite shafts as they are more reliable and durable than a graphite shaft. Similarly, if you want a better feel rather than a durable profile, a graphite one is better but it would be expensive as well. However, the comfort, feel, and launch pay themselves! Graphite would be less vibrating but steel gives a good accuracy!

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